Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 9: A little late, a little big, and a lotta' fun

Here is a picture I took of my hand. But as you probably noticed it's not my hand that is interesting it's whats in it. About a week ago we had a short lived storm that had some massive hail, and below you can see how large the hail actually was. Today Mr Todd (my neighbor) took my brother Luke, Christian, and I rafting down the Middle Fork. It was so much fun. (One of these days I will actually put on a picture of us rafting). We left around 10 a.m and got home around 4ish. He has a different type of raft then Mr. McLean has. Mr. Todd's raft has a frame and is much smaller, and the McLean's everyone has to paddle. I can't say if I enjoyed one more than the other because all three trips I've taken this year have been a blast. Christian caught five cutthroat fish but had to release them, and both boys jumped into the icy water multiple times. It was a perfect day today to raft, sunny, but not too hot. The only thing that was sad was that the water had gone down too far to jump off the bridge, but on the bright side the low level made for some awesome white water:)

So that was my monstrously fun day, and it's getting late so ta ta till tomorrow!

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