Sunday, May 22, 2011

I feel like any culturing I once had, is now tainted.

*warning: this post contains pictures of dirty mountain people having fun*

Yesterday my brother had a mountain man muzzle loading rendezvous in Marion. We went as a family, and I have so say I was surprised how much fun it actually was. The era was set in 1840'a and although costumes were not mandatory, would I still be me if I let a good dress up opportunity pass me by?

We got there around 9ish and Luke and Christian went straight to the black powder rifle shoot. I don't know too much about it, but I think they both did quite well. The guns are really loud, but if they had a lot of kick, the boys sure didn't let us know. That lasted a good hour and a half, and then (Luke shooting his gun)(Christian shooting his gun. They actually forgot to bring Christian's gun, so I think he was a little bummed, because he had to use one that he wasn't used to)

The next activity was knife and hawk throwing. They had 21 different stumps to throw both their knife and tomahawk at. Some were really hard; like moving targets, through trees, etc. This was more interesting to watch in my opinion than the rifle. They let me try to throw some and honestly I stunk at it. The men there said I threw like a girl and I never once got either to stick. I would show a picture but it's too embarrassing:) Here is Tina Vestal and my mom. I think they both had a lot of fun. They both love to camp and were enamored with all the primitive doohickeys. After lunch the boys had black powder pistol shooting. Again I think they both did good. They had to hit various targets like skunks, frogs, bears, poles, and coils. When the boys were finished they asked If I wanted to try. I had previously stated that If I was to take a liking to any of the three things thus far I would be most inclined to try the pistol. They laughed at me and said that it was the hardest but let me try anyways. Guess, what... I hit the target dead on, first time ever. Needless to say, I was happy . Because the boys had finished all the activities for the day we had a few hours of free time to do whatever. For the moms that meant taking a walk, for dad, a nap, the boys, I think did some archery, and I sat around the camp talking with some of the older men there.Later that night after a potluck dinner they had some contests around the campfire. The first of which was fire starting. Both the boys tried and had a respectable time of both around 40 seconds, it was their first time ever. I think the winning time was around 5-6 seconds.They also had woman's games, which was a rolling pin throwing contest, Tina and I tied for first, and a frying pan throwing contest, Mom won that, (better not get on my family's bad side). It was fun and they had prizes too. (Luke and I)

For a grand conclusion on the day, they had a story telling contest. Some of the guys had great tall tails to tell. Mom practically forced me to tell a story myself and even though it was pretty pathetic (I was not happy to be doing it) They decided I won (I think just to be nice) and I felt bad for doing such a bad job. Oh, well, I learned my lesson.

Overall, it was a really fun looooong day. They have a few every year and I think I might just go next year.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Techno Man Grandpa

I thought when my classes had finished at the college I would have free time. Like I might actually be bored or something. I was wrong. Music Theory was less work than being home. It's amazing how much effort the house takes just to survive, honestly I had forgotten just how much time everything takes to do. Last Wednesday we celebrated my grandpa's 90th birthday! It was great; Darlene and Wayne wanted to talk to him on Skype and he did. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! They even sung happy birthday to him and watched him blow out the candles.

Not too much else is new. Luke has a mountain man thing this weekend, so I sewed Luke and Christian a Capote (which is a wool jacket) and I got all my grades in for the semester 4.0, YEAH!!!

I filmed myself signing my ASL song that I did for class and I thought it was so funny I would share it with you all. Don't judge please, I know my dancing sucks!

Monday, May 2, 2011

did you miss me?

Contrary to what you may believe, I haven't fallen off the face of the blog world. I've been so busy with classes and homework lately that I seriously haven't had a minute to spare. So, I'm here with my spare moments to play catch up.

A few weeks ago I went with my ASL class to Great Falls MT, to the school for the Deaf and Blind. We left Friday morning and took the 4 1/2 hour drive on a charter bus. In the group, there were 23 girls and 3 boys including my teacher Collette.
Oh, one neat thing was that our bus driver, John, was from New Zealand. He had some really interesting stories to tell, and was enjoyable to listen to on both the way up and down. When we were going through Glacier, it was scary at times because it was blizzarding, but John, got us there safely, and plus, I always enjoy a adventure. (My spot on the bus)

When we first arrived, a man from the school gave us a tour and then brought us to our dorm where we would be staying. The school is really neat with a separate school building for the Deaf and the Blind students, but with a shared dorm building for both.

That night we all stayed in the dorm and ordered pizza. Since it was with my ASL class, and there were three Deaf people in our group, we had to sign pretty much the whole time because it is rude to talk when you know someone who is Deaf is present. Most of us stayed up really late all talking/signing in the living room learning new signs. Just relaxing around the dorm, yet still learning so much, was probably some of my favorite times on the trip. (The reason Great Falls is called Great Falls)

Saturday morning, after a walk around the school (it was a nice day), the bus driver took us all over to the mall to hang out for a few hours. We had six hours to waste, but everyone was bored well before then. The reason we were at the school that weekend was because of a performance the kids, who went to the school, were giving that night. We ended up coming back to the dorm for an hour or so, and then going out for dinner before the performance at 7:00.

The performance was incredible. There were around 17 kids ranging in ages from about 8-16. The kids were all signing and dancing to music and they did everything from Ghost busters, Firework, Sweet Home Alabama, to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was amazing to see the fluidity of their movements and how well they kept in sync. This performance alone made the whole trip worth it. It was an experience I will never forget. I even bought a shirt afterwards!

That night we again stayed up really late signing and I think it was well after 1 when I finally got ready for bed and fell asleep with the sound of people laughing out side my room.

The next morning I had an interesting experience. When I woke up, I think I must have been sleeping wrong and my legs were asleep, because when I stood up out of bed, I collapsed to the floor. It was on the side against the wall, so not only did I fall but I crashed against the heater vent. The girl I was sharing my room with bolted awake and kept asking if I was ok. I said I was fine but when I stood up, I collapsed for a second time. The third time I finally did stand up, but not without a nasty bruise on my arm and a rug rash that still graces my knee and ankle.

By this third day I was in ASL mode. On the way back we signed, laughed, and talked for hours. I was actually sad when we arrived back at the college to go home. Poor Dad had to had to keep reminding me to talk instead of sign for the rest of the day.

Overall it was an incredible trip that, even though I was hesitant to go at first, I'm so glad I did. My vocabulary felt like it had exploded and I only wish I could have retained a fraction of what I learned. I'm really sad that my class is almost over (only one more class), and then, if I decide to continue with sign, I have to do it online. ASL has defiantly been my favorite class, both semesters, and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Easter came and went, but was really fun while it lasted. We didn't do anything too big this year, but we did have the Underhills and my grandparents over for lunch and then later the Vestals, Ridge and Hannah, and Rachel came over. Because it was such a nice day, Hannah talked me into taking a short walk with them and it really was a much needed relief from all my homework. (Rachel, me, Hannah, and Ridge)

Last weekend I started my Practical Botany class. It is a three credit science class and is only 6 days long. Unfortunately the days are Friday-Sunday, so I have had, and still am, continuing to have classes everyday for 18 days straight.

The Botany class is actually really interesting and I like the teachers. Friday we had a short lecture and then on Saturday we took a bus to the Conrad Mansion, Cemetery, and lastly Wayfarers Park to look at the different plants. The only downfall that day was that it was really windy and cold. Even after coming home, taking a shower, sitting on the heater, and drinking some tea, I was still shivering. Sunday was much better overall. It was still chilly, but the sun was out, which always gives me a more positive outlook on life. We took a bus down to Eureka and after driving around some, took a short walk down to a lake. Personally, I learned quite a bit about some of the local plants that I didn't known before. We had lunch at the lake in the picture, and later I realized I even got a sunburn sitting there (first one of the year)! We went to a few other locations to look at the different lichens, and than we all took a walk around one spot called Ant Flats. If you couldn't figure out why, the place was covered in ant hills. This weekend we are going to the Buffalo Range and then I think possibly Lone Pine on Sunday. I hope it doesn't rain:( (Sophie Lake)