Thursday, December 30, 2010

not a baby banner

I don't remember when I first decided I wanted to make a banner for the craft room, just one minute I was browsing etsy, the next I was googleing how to make a banner. I didn't look very hard, but I couldn't find any instructions online. I looked at a few photos of ones people had made and how they were constructed, then decided to make my own up.
It didn't take long at all. First I made a quick triangle pattern, then cut out two of each fabric, sewed them together, flipped and pressed, arranged them in the order I wanted, then sewed a ribbon along the top.

I know it does look a little nurseryish, but that wall has been so boring for so long, and I really did want to make something fun for it. I had originally planned on hanging the banner across the window, but I don't know, I just didn't really want too.
So, now it's up, making the horrid mint colored room a little more tolerable (I do have plans to re-paint it) and if it looks a little babyish, who cares, not me!

If any of you want me to put the pattern up and make a tutorial just leave a comment, and if I have time, I would love too.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Pictureless Post

I thought I would do a nice Christmas post like I normally do for holidays, but for some reason we didn't take one picture! This is very unusual for us, but I'll post on it anyway.
On Christmas Eve we went to a service at a Church we were trying with the Underhills and Cunninghams. It was fine, nothing great, but defiantly not bad in anyway. Later that evening the Underhills, James and Stacia, and Tina and Christian came over for a snackish dinner, games, and to exchange gifts. I think we all had a good time, it wasn't a big shindig or anything, it was pretty low key, but still really enjoyable.
On Christmas morning we had a nice family time. Just doing what we always do: bumming around in our pajamas until it was getting close to the time when people might start coming over. My dad went to get Grandma and Grandpa, we all took showers and got ready, and the Underhills came over again and we had a Lunch/ Christmas dinner. We didn't do as much as we normally do as food goes, but we were all still stuffed by the time dessert came around. Mitch and I played on the WII for around an hour and a half, which actually was a feat to try to pry the boys hands off the remotes. I think we must have looked funny flinging our arms around and getting a little competitive (I beat him at sword fighting!). Hannah and Ridge and the Tina/Kathi bunch came over later and we had more dessert, talked, and played games.
Sorry if this was boring especially without pictures, but like I have said before I use my blog for more like my personal journal so I can look back and see what I was doing at that time in my life.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my life wrapped up for the year

As the year is starting to come to a close, I was reminiscing about everything that I have done over the last year. I thought I would make a list of not necessarily personal accomplishments, or spiritual growth, but things that have changed or I have learned since January 1st. I'm sure I'll forget hundreds, but I'll just start and see how far I can get.
  1. I went skiing for the first time in three years.
  2. Made a pound cake, vanilla wafers, banana cookies, a lemon chiffon cake, a three layer German chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting, and many other new things.
  3. Finished my Kimono.
  4. Made myself do the splits with my right leg all the way down.
  5. Found out that I have Ehler's Danlo syndrome.
  6. Went to physical therapy for a few weeks.
  7. Burnt my fingers on fudge and went to the ER.
  8. Finished my log and lace pillow.
  9. Went to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee for the first time ever.
  10. Went paddle boarding.
  11. Felted a sweater.
  12. Went to 2 different swing dances and enjoyed both thoroughly.
  13. Made a duct tape slingshot.
  14. Decided to go to college.
  15. Taught myself how to wire wrap.
  16. Discovered many new songs that I really like, as well as some new artists.
  17. Graduated High School.
  18. Went camping three times.
  19. Went rafting three times.
  20. Jumped off a bridge into fast moving, frigid water.
  21. Took a tour of the Libby Dam.
  22. Dressed up as Genghis Khan and went to Hu Hot to get a free meal.
  23. Sat on a Vespa, and rock climbed on the army wall, at the fair, in a short skirt.
  24. Went to my first concert.
  25. Used dad's power tools to make a wall hanging.
  26. Started college.
  27. Had my wisdom teeth removed.
  28. Changed what I have for breakfast every morning.
  29. Hosted a bridal shower for my best friend.
  30. Got my first cell phone.
  31. Did hair for many different people at multiple weddings.
  32. Saved enough for my braces and finally got them.
  33. Went to Deaf bowling nights, and helped with the Wha(D)t Deaf World.
  34. Signed a song during the Valley Voices choir.
  35. Gave a power point presentation.
  36. Was a MOH in my best friends wedding.
  37. Had my 79th-61st birthday.
  38. Brought and carried a pathetic gingerbread house around college all day with me on a dare.
  39. Found out that Dystopian is the name for my favorite genre of books.
  40. Wrote 2 five page papers for college.
  41. Finished my first semester of college.
  42. Taught myself how to make an origami butterfly and Ninja throwing star.
  43. Registered for my next semester of college.
  44. Taught myself how to do Chinese brush painting.
  45. Crocheted a panda.
  46. Finished my Nocturne on the piano.
  47. Wrote many poems.
  48. Started and then gave up on a novel I was writing.
  49. Did all my Christmas shopping in one day.
  50. Can give you a limited life story in sign language.
  51. And had my fist manicure since moving to Montana.

And here is a list of things that haven't changed or I've not done yet.

  1. My spelling has not really improved at all.
  2. I still have never been on a four wheeler.
  3. I never did make up that exercise routine.
  4. I haven't donated blood yet.
  5. Haven't made a lemon meringue pie.
  6. I'm still awful at e-mailing or calling people back.
  7. I'm still not on Facebook.
  8. I still plan on sky diving someday.
  9. And I still don't know what I'm going to work towards in college.

Like I said I'm probably forgeting lots and maybe I'll add more as I think of them throughout these last few weeks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my life. the changing book.

I'm officially finished with my first semester at college. It's hard to believe it's over already. In a way I'm glad it's done, in another way I kind of miss it. I'm such a creature of habit, I could have kept going on with this schedule for a lot longer. But time moves, things change, and experiences come and go.

Life is like a really good book: You practically devour it whole, page by page, living each moment just to turn the paper over and see what comes next, but then suddenly you realize your almost on the last chapter and you wonder if you should have savored it a bit more instead of reading well past midnight every night. When you do finish the book and stare at the cover for about 5-10 minutes (depending on how good the book was) reminiscing, you wonder "can any other book live up to this one?" But although there might be some books that are a waste of time, completely boring, and not well written at all, you find one. One that not only meets, but maybe surpasses the first book. Then you feel somehow that the first book you read was worth it, a sigh of relief. Like wow, that one was good, but this one is better and now I know that even though I wish the first book could have gone on forever, the book and I morphing into one, I'm glad I was able to move on, because change can be good. New characters can be just as interesting, different plot lines can be even more intriguing, and who knows, someday they might make a sequel.

I don't know, maybe it's late, and I let my imagination go a little wild, or maybe I'm just thinking about the book I am presently reading, but this whole book analogy seems pretty legit to how I'm thinking right now. Like I said before time moves too fast. I've never was one of those kids who all they wanted to do was grow up. if anything all I've ever wanted to do is grow down (if that makes any sense) but I just have to keep reminding myself that change is good, and God has me in his hands, and even when I don't know what I'm doing, He does.

Monday, December 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas is "The Zombie Survival Guide"

So, I was strolling through Modcloth (does anyone notice a pattern here?) and I came upon the book that any sort of "off the deep end" type of girl would just kill to get. Well, I just happen to be that very type so I decided to post my Christmas wish, emphasis on the "wish" list.

First up is the Zombie Survival Guide. Complete Protection from the Living Dead. I know how absolutely weird of me to actually even look at a book like this, but come on, you got to love a little imagination and adventure in one's life, and you never know when it might be needed info. Second up is a very girly, comfy, wonderful looking wrap sweater. I don't think I can find one thing that I don't like about it. It's just about as perfect as a sweater can get. I don't really know why I liked this necklace so much, I think I just found it intriguing. A necklace, with a bike, with a watch, it will multitask for you! Last, but not least, is my favorite pair of boots ever. I found these on amazon, and had they not had been almost $200, they would be in my closet at this moment. *sigh*. Anyhow, I just love the color, laces, buckle, you have to love a good buckle, pocket, POCKET!!!, perfect heal height, and so on, how much better can boots get. I mean seriously, could they add anything else to these things that would improve on them? Like the sweater above, they are, as clothing goes, almost a good as it gets.
I hope I didn't waste your time too much, I just really wanted to blog and share my finds with you all, and now when I mention my dream boots you'll know what I'm talking about. Well, I'm so close to being done with my first semester of college, and have enrolled in my classes for the spring, but it's late, and that will give me something good to post about later, so bye, and keep an eye out for zombies (especially around this time of year).

Thursday, December 2, 2010


For my birthday I only had one request, I wanted to make myself a cheesecake. So I found two recipes that sounded great. The first one was for a generic cheesecake with a ginger crust with chocolate chips in it and a cream topping. The second was for a pumpkin cheesecake also with a ginger crust. Well, after seeking many opinions and getting mixed answers I finally decided just to make both. Enough people were coming over to need two anyway. So on Tuesday I got the ingredients I needed and went to work. For me cooking and baking isn't a chore, it's how I relax. Like when I got my wisdom teeth out all I wanted to do was make dinner, or if I'm not having a good day the way I calm myself down is through stirring anything over the stove. I could saute or stir forever. Anyhow, I made the first one well, first. It went together pretty easy, I even baked it in the water bath like it said (which I was worried about). Next I made the pumpkin one which came together much more simply than the first. They both cracked down the middle which I was disappointed about. If any of you know how to get a cheesecake not to crack please tell me. So when they were both cooled I stuck them in the fridge for the night.

Yesterday, I had to go to town to register for my next semester classes. When mom and I got to the college we were supposed to meet Brian Bechtold, but he had gone to the cafeteria for lunch. So most of you know my mom, so of course we had to walk over to the cafeteria, not wait. We get there and I see him finishing his lunch, mom said to go over to him. So after the hushed "no" "yes" "but" "just go" that I'm sure everyone has done at some point in their life, I finally lost and walked over.
"Are you Brian Bechtold?" I asked.
"I depends on why you ask, what's your question?"
"Well, um, I don't really have a question, um, you are my advisor, um, and I came to register, um and they said you were here, and um, I'm sorry to bother you, but..."
I think is the first time I got the you have no clue what your doing stare.
He was mostly done eating so we walked over to the AT building. He asked me what my plans were and I think he quickly determined that I had none. I did know what classes I wanted to take so when we sat down at his computer I had a huge shock. I only go into town Monday and Wednesday and so far my schedule has been working out great. So when we saw that sometime between Monday and Wednesday they had switched ASL to T, TH, I was floored. After some mumbling and just being so shocked, mom and I went to find a computer that we could figure out how to make this all work. I absolutely wanted to do ASL so I had to work everything around it, which wasn't easy. Right now I'm signed up for Music Theory II on Monday (which is going to be difficult considering it's my only class on Monday) Intro to Fiction (which sounds horribly dreadful, but I need the credit), ASL, and then Public Speaking (which I'm actually looking forward to, because my speaking skills are lacking:). Later in April, I'm taking a Field botany class that last two weeks. I'm really looking forward to this class, and the class is already completely full.
So after all this, we got home around 4ish, Hannah came over around a half an hour later. I made dinner (Puttanesca sauce, yum..) Grandma and grandpa, James and Stacia, Dad, and Rachel, all got here around 5:30ish and we ate a little bit later.
The Underhills, Ridge, Kathi, and the Vestals came around 6:30 and we had cheesecake. I'm glad I made two because we ate almost all of them, The first one, in my opinion, was better, but not by much, and the pumpkin one was really yummy also.
OK, funny story. Mom couldn't find an eight candle, so being the math brain she is, I was 79-61. I think this was probably a first ever. James, Ridge, and Eric, who graced us with his presence.And how could I not end this post but with a horribly unflattering picture of me at my eighteenth birthday party.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The best veggie tray I think I've ever had.

Hi, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I thought I would start this post with my brother's zombie snowman. Isn't is great? The one unfortunate thing about this photo is that we have probably 100% more snow. Right now we have around a foot and a half of snow. Yuck! I am so not ready for winter. I still feel gypped about the cool July we had, and I never got my swim therapy in that keeps me sane throughout the winter. So I'm not sure how mentally stable I'll be these next few months, but I'll try to be thankful, we leads me to Thanksgiving. Here is our mismatched, yet yummy looking table. We had a medium sized group this year. The Underhills went to Plains which was the first time they haven't had it with us since I think we moved up. We had my grandparents, James and Stacia, the Vestals, Hannah and Ridge, Kathi and Rachel, and Doris and John Mark. Stacia made a delicious veggie tray:) My mom did the Turkey, and even though I'm not really a big bird fan, It was really good. Luke and Ridge played Chess. I never found out who won, but I have my suspicions.My grandpa, James, and Stacia.Christian relaxing after the meal and the little tyrant Shelby foraging in the background.Hannah, Rachel, and I looked through some books that Hannah brought from the library. We had a great time laughing and striking stupid model posses after devouring Hannah's Anthropologie catalog she brought also. Ugg, talk about drooling over clothing. If only I was a great knitter, maybe I could replicate a sweater or two....

Even though we were missing a chunk of our family, I still think everyone had a blast, I know I did, it was Thanksgiving to be Thankful for.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tooth Bling!

How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck had braces?
It should be over, and I'll be smiling before I know it. Right?
How 'bought a diet of pain pills!
Shark bait, hoo, ha, ha.
I feel like a horse with a bit in my mouth.
Can you read my pain? Because I can.
I only have around six more months of life without gum. Could it get any worse?
I need baby food.
No pain, no gain, put to the test.
Make new friends, and keep the old, mine our silver and none are gold.
Well, it sort of makes my lips look bigger. Although I think it would have been cheaper to have them pumped.
I wonder if anyone has ever died from braces before....
This it the most expensive pain I've ever been in.
If you were hanging from a tree by your braces, would the braces pop off, or would your teeth pull out?

I can feel you smiling at me.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can you hear the Hallelujah Chorus? Because I can.

My old familiar friend, how bid thee blog world?
It really hasn't been all that long, but it seems like it's been a while since the last time I blogged. I've been insanely busy with school this last week. I had way too much homework. They must think we are all cyborgs, who never sleep or something. Last Monday I had one of the most intense tests I've taken in a long time in Music Theory. I think I was more fried after that test then I was after my GED. It felt as if I was suffocating on my own breath, or on the breath of others. The whole test was a hazy fog of stress.

Today was another long day, but it ended up going much better than I thought it would. I first had a quiz in ASL, and I think I did just fine. I was stressing over not being prepared enough, but I knew what I needed too for it, and it went smoothly.

Next I had test Aural Perception (do you see a pattern here?). Aural Perception is interesting. If you ever walk by room 251 around 2ish on Wednesday, you will probably see an odd assortment of people sitting in the hall way. Mr. Z has us go out to test us individually on our voices. It is like walking into the room of doom when it's your turn. It's not that the singing is that hard, it's everything. Imagine singing your common do re mi solfege, but set to some tune, getting all the notes right, the sofelge, conducting, pitch, and timing right, all at the same time! For me it's the making of a disaster. My singing alone is OK, it could use much improvement, but OK, but add my arm waving around and I'm lost for good. I seriously can not get the conducting thing. Every time Mr. Z would try to help me, I would just start laughing, because to be honest, my hand ends up just looking like a dieing fish flopping around.

Next I had my presentation in World Music. I think I mentioned something about doing this before, but in case I'm delusional I'll just write about it again. I had to do a 15 minute presentation on the Argentine Tango. I could probably tell you just about anything you wanted to know about the music if it so intrigued you. Believe me, it didn't intrigue me. OK, I give it that it wasn't so bad, I do enjoy the music. But by last night I was so, so done with it. It took me so long to complete, as I had well over thirty pages of information printed out all redundantly stating facts(I know, what a horrid waste of trees). Rachel came over a few times and helped me to organize, de-stress, and overall help with the power point. It was nice to have someone smiling with you over your homework, instead of just being alone with a head sized hole in my wall.

So, like I said before the presentation was today. I think it went good. I talked a little fast, but when do I not? I didn't pass out or start uncontrollably sweating or anything, so I think all's well. Now I just have the waiting game to see what my grade is.

Have you noticed that whenever I do a blog post at night they all end up being really long? So long that I think most of you won't even read all of it. Oh, well. It's like my therapy. My couch, so to say. Which would make you all my psychiatrists. Hum.....

Now that I have midterms over with I'm planing on blogging more. So hang in with me, and I might be back soon:)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The last few days

Wow, the last few days went by in a blur. It's hard to believe it is all over and I go to school again in the morning. Hannah and Ridge's wedding was this last Saturday at the Mennonite church. It was fantastic, but I'll try not to get ahead of myself and start from the beginning.

Thursday: The Takahashi's airplane was to come in around 11:30 p.m., so that morning I needed to have all my homework done for my classes on Monday. I was glad I didn't have too much to do, but still, It was a long afternoon. Mom and I left a little early because their plane came in a little early (How often does that happen?) We got home around midnight, and after talking for a while went to bed.

Friday: That morning I had to finish sewing Anna's dress. I had had it mostly done, but didn't have the zipper and hem in yet so I could fit it to her. It ended up working out great, thanks to God, and I had it sewn within a hour or so. We picked up Rachel and headed off to the church for the rehearsal. We all helped set up the reception area, and it looked great when we were done. Hannah had the great idea awhile ago of putting apples on the tables for decoration and for yummy treats to eat. They got them from an orchard and they were undoubtedly the best apples I have ever had (we "had" to eat the defective ones to find out). Around 1ish, Mr. Vestal came with some pizzas which where really good because I was starting to eye the burnt chex mix. After that Josh and Ridge came back from Missoula and we started the rehearsal. I think it all went pretty smooth. The hardest part was probably getting us girls to walk slow enough down the isle(Hannah included).
After we were done with that, we ran home, quickly changed, then ran out again for the grooms dinner. The Mallery's hosted it and it was really fancy. They had tables set up and even had assigned seating (I have to admit though, our table messed around with the seating a little:) They had a four course meal, and ended it with caramel topped cheesecake, yum!

Saturday: after we all woke up and took our showers, we were kind off in this calm before the storm. We sat around the tabled until about 10:30 and then we went to work. Rachel came over to do hair and makeup. Anna did my makeup, which I was quite thankful for, and I did Anna's hair. Rachel mostly did herself, but with a little help here and there. We put our dresses on and headed to the church. We ended up being a little late, but I think it was OK because they were just barely ready for us anyway. We went up stairs and took a few pictures, and then bummed around until the wedding, trying hard not to get wrinkle butts and eating veggies.
When it was finally time for the wedding we all lined up. Because I was the MOH, I was to go first. I still don't know what happened exactly, but in rehearsal the song changed before we were to walk down, but the song just kept on going. I was like "should I just start? Or should I just wait? Surly they will change the song any minute now". Anyhow, the guy doing the music told me to go so I did. I made it down without falling over, wobbling, sneezing, running, fainting, stopping, or just plain get lost, so I was happy. I think I did go a little fast though, but I think everyone else did too! The hardest part about the whole ceremony was that my feet started killing me. I actually got to the point were I was like "I wonder what would happen if I just sat down before I just fall over?" Needless to say I persevered for Hannah, not wanting to disrupt her most special moment. Besides my acing feet, the ceremony was nice, and I remembered to give Hannah her bouquet this time (I forgot in the rehearsal). We all came down without a hitch, and quickly went to bustle the back of Hannah's dress. After some more pictures, we went to the reception. Hannah and Ridge cut the cake, Rem and I made our toasts, and Ridge was kidnapped. Overall it was a wonderful wedding, and I think it turned out gorgeous.
After lots of cleanup we all came home. My dad made burritos for dinner, and we all put our PJ's on. A little later Rachel came over again and while the moms went out, Anna, Rachel and I curled up on the couch with chocolate chip cookies, and blankets and watched three episodes of Psych.

Sunday: When I finally woke up mom said that Eric, Tera, and Elaina, where coming over in about 15 minutes. So I quickly hopped in the shower and when I came out they had been here for a while. We all talked for about an hour, when the Underhills showed up. Then Tina came over, later Mr. Vestal, and even later John Mark.
Anna really likes the Montana huckleberry lip balm, so my mom went on a phone chase to find a store that still had it. It was strange how many places were sold out. We finally found it and Mitch, Anna, and I went to Bigfork to get it. When we came home, we all played Balderdash for a few hours, and then the Takahashis had to leave. It was sad to see them go, I all went buy so fast. Mom and I drove them to the airport again, said our goodbyes, and came home. I had to finish some Music Theory homework and then we watched a movie. Although this weekend has been a blast, I'm glad it's over with too. So here I am now, in my room, it's almost midnight, typing about these very busy last few days, and dreading college in the morning. Why couldn't I have had a day off?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

If life gives you lemons, make a lemon chiffon cake!

Today was the first day in what seams like forever, that I didn't have anywhere to go. Life right now jumps from one place to another, one week to the next. Everyday I feel like I have to put thought into what I'm going to wear and do, asking myself "will I get cold? does this even match?". But today I grabbed an old tee shirt, let my hair go wild, and *gasp* didn't put any makeup on.
It wasn't a boring day though. I started off playing piano, doing a face mask, and then making a lemon chiffon cake for my dad's birthday. While it was baking I did my music theory homework *yuck*. After letting the cake cool, it was successfully inverted:) I then made up the lemon frosting (which was sinfully yummy) and overall it turned out great. It had a nice consistency, not heavy, but light, sweat, but not overpoweringly so.

For once I really don't have much more so say. School went pretty well yesterday. I did much better on two tests than I thought I would, and I got an hour and a half of lab time in for ASL (because the teacher was absent). I don't think I did good in Aural P, but oh well, I didn't really practice much anyway, so it's my fault.
For World Music I have to write a contemporary music paper about once a week on a certain country, and I'm getting horribly tired of it. At first it was sort of different, now it's just *blah*. And now I need to start preparing for my midterm presentation. We were given a list of places to chose from and were put on the spot to chose one to do it on. I took Argentina (tango) I hope that was a good choice. But as you can probably tell from my playlist, I like tango music. It's hard to believe that I'm already half way done with the semester. Where does time go? If you find it please bring it back. It's hard to even think of the future. When people ask me what I'm planning on doing I'm like "Um, maybe this, but I'm now thinking that, but I still want to do...." I'm trying to just live day by day. Having a ruff draft for the next year or so, but ultimately leaving it up to God. I'm so glad it's God's decision, because if it was all on my back, I would be so, so lost. Well, I have more homework, and some hooks and eyes to sew, so ta ta. I guess I had more to say after all.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In my state of blah

Last night, after a very long day, was the first night that I didn't have way too much homework to do. So before I did my ASL assignment, I well, wasted some time on the computer. My brother will play a game to relax, but me, I look at clothing. I try not to do it in an "I want that" uncontent way. Just oh, that's cute. I think I'm not alone, but I confess I'm an avid picture saver. I like to go back and look at what I saved later for fun, and sometimes for sewing inspiration. It's nice because then I have a folder of only items that I really like, instead of scrolling down a site going, yuck, cute, umm, cute, adorable, why would someone wear that?, cute, and so on.
So, last night while I was in my much missed state of blah, I went to modcloth. If you go there you know what I'm talking about, if not. I recommend it. I was looking at their new items, and I could post probably around thirty pictures of misc items that struck my fancy. But to save on my time and your sanity, I decided just to use pictures of boots.
I really like the buckles on the first pair and how high they come up in the leg. The heal is also just right for everyday. Not too high, but not too flat.
The next three I think are just too cute. A little on the high side, but still so cute. Isn't all the crisscrossing fun? The last black boots are actually from sears. The brand is mudd (my absolute favorite shoe band!). I like how cute yet practical they are. Different but not overpowering.

If you want to feel better about your drooling, do you want to know the best part about every one of these boots? They are all under $56.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A bride to be and four mummies

To celebrate Hannah's upcoming wedding, I hosted her bridal shower. Because it's after midnight right now, it actually was yesterday evening, but that makes it sound so long ago, when really we didn't get home too long ago.
Mrs. Coverdell did a devotion for Hannah. It was wonderful. Mrs. Coverdell is the lady who taught both Hannah and I how to crochet, and cook some really yummy food. She would have us over to her house and we would always have a great time doing some sort of craft.Caitlin, Amy, and Christen.
I found this picture funny, as it looked like they were intently gossiping. That morning I was making the poppy seed muffins for the shower when 24 of them came out a little bit to burnt. Our oven has been doing funny things lately, and I couldn't make anymore. I called Amy and she was so sweat, and made some from scratch on the spot. I'm so glad she was able to help. I also made brownies and lemon bars. I don't think our kitchen has ever been that messy before. There was powdered sugar everywhere, and mom had a run in with superglue (long story). The first game we did was a quiz on Hannah. I had had Ridge answer the questions a few days earlier and he actually did really great. Some of his answers were so funny. Natalie enjoying herself a little too much. We played the TP bride game. We had four groups and they each had a "bride" to make a wedding dress for.
This is Amy in her very elaborate toilet paper gown. Rachel in a very simple elegant dress. Rachel's veil. Raijoice had an incredible train on her very original dress.Hannah was the judge and she ended up choosing Rachel's dress. Everyone did a great job (sorry I didn't really get a good picture of the other girl's dress) I still think we should go into business making economical wedding dresses only for sunny weather. And to end on a cute note. Isn't Jubilee just the most adorable little girl ever!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The picture is on the left, not in the middle.

These last few days have been pretty uneventful for me. Aural Perception and World Music were canceled for the day, so I only went in for an hour and a half this morning for ASL. The only thing that I can even think of that happened this last week, worthy of note, is that I went to a swing dance last Friday (which was a blast), and I unofficially learned how to parachute (just don't push me out of a plane quite yet).

This afternoon I went to grab a plum, and found them pruning (is that a word?), going the way of all ageing plums. Mom said to give them to our chickens, but I wanted to find a better use for them than momentarily pleasing our feathered friends. I googled "recipe plums" and after a little searching found a recipe for upside down plum cake, and guess what? It took four plums, which happens to be the exact number of those wrinkled things we had.

I was quite happily going along, curdling the milk (weird), grating a clementine (Hey, we didn't have any oranges, and it called for only half an orange anyway), caramelizing the butter and brown sugar, when I hit a kink in the hose of life. I cut my finger on, you'll never guess what, the can of baking powder. I think I was way more shocked than in actual pain, because when I cut myself and my mom walked by, I stated that, well, I had cut myself. My mom commented something about it being little when I exclaimed that it was pretty deep, I still don't understand why, but for some strange reason, my mom cracked up laughing. Anyhow, back to the plum cake.

After it cooled, I has so happy on how easily it inverted. I just love saying that "I inverted the cake" "the cake successfully inverted" "After inversion, the cake was thoroughly enjoyed". Sorry, but seriously try saying it and you will be addicted. Dad and I really liked it, it had kind off a tangy sweetness to it, mom thought it was OK, and Luke refused to try it. So if you are ever around my house in the next day or so, stop by because there is half a delicious (in my opinion) inverted plum cake in our fridge that I don't really want to finish.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The life and death of sanity, not the duck

Yesterday Luke had his first day of Connections classes so mom and I had some time to kill, and murder I did.
We went over to Maureces in the mall, and I don't think I have ever bought that much at one time in my life. I'm more of the "do I need it? no, do I want it? yes, do I buy it? no" type, than the why not throw it in. Although I'm still in a little shock, I love everything I got. Most of it was on sale, except for this vest. As soon as I saw it I had to try it on, and you probably know how it went from there.
I also got a really nice pair of shoes. I needed a new pair of fall shoes and I like how cute, yet practical these are. I also got two new tops, and a pair of jeans that were half off.

After that, with my huge bag in tote, we went over to Herburgers, where we ran into Hannah and Tina.

Around 2ish, we picked up my brother, Nora, and Matthew and again had some time to spare before Luke had his fiddle lesson. So, we went over to Woodland Park.
It is really pretty in the gardens right now, It would be such a fun place to have a costume party, or a small wedding.

I couldn't help myself so I had Nora climb trees with me. I think she liked it.
Matthew caught a goose. Is that legal? I don't know, but it was really cute and soft. Some poor girl kept insisting that they were going to kill it, but I think the bird will probably live through this traumatic experience just fine. Sorry for the really poor picture quality, but I took them on my cell phone.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seven ways to identify that you are a craft addict

1. Even when you know you should be doing homework you decide to craft instead.
2. A new craft idea ways on your mind so hard you want to explode.
3. You stay up well after midnight because your "all most done".
4. You bring your laptop to your craft room so you don't have to keep running between rooms for instructions.
5. You can't see your desk anymore because it's covered with who knows what.
6. You find that your gift card to Joanns didn't have quite as much as you thought left on it, and you find yourself breaking a twenty.
7. You know your sanity will deteriorate if you don't find something new to make quick.
So I'll start and you can join in if you need to;
Hi, my name is Megan and I'm craftoholic. I've been at it for about my whole life and can't stop. The last time I did a craft was yesterday, and before that it was a few long days. I go on stints of doing nothing, but then I just get the urge, and before I know it I'm cutting up, or sewing something together.
There I admitted it! But now the fun part, do you what to see what I made?
Your probably thinking "what crazy thing did Megan make now?" or possibly "that's so cool I want one too!" either way I like it. This isn't actually the craft I made yesterday, but last Sunday after church. I found the how too on etsy and asked dad if he could help me make it even before I had finished watching the video. He said he would but that it would be harder than it looked, but they made it look so easy on the show, how could it be that hard? I promptly went off into the woods and found a branch. Unfortunately it was attached to a fallen tree, so I got the hack saw and started sawing a chunk off. After about 7 minutes of sawing, two cuts on my hands from the blade, and a sliver on my toe, I finally had my branch. I proudly marched it back to dad who said that It had a crack going down the middle and wouldn't work. *sigh*. So off I went again, this time with dad, and found a new branch. We took it to his shop in the garage and he showed me how to cut it using the power saw. I ended up letting him do the cutting, while I sanded each cut with the electric sander (scary). We found a board, and I brought it inside to begin placing the slices in a pleasing arrangement. I eventually glued them down, and the next time we went to town I got some spray wood gloss to finish it.

So, was it worth it? I think so. I have it hanging in my room, not really matching anything, but there having collected memories, now collecting dust.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why me?

Yesterday was the day that I got my top two wisdom teeth removed. Some of you have already experienced this lovely ordeal, some of you aren't quite there, and still others maybe will never have to. So, I will start my experience at the beginning.

My appointment was at 10:45 a.m. Thursday, September 9th. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink that morning, but it wasn't so bad because I have a cold and really wasn't that hungry anyway. We got there on time and had a short wait. I really wasn't nervous at all, if anything a little excited. After sitting in the ominous green chair and talking to the nurse awhile the anesthesiologist came in. I'm weird with little pain. I can do big pain, like tearing the ligament in my ankle almost no problem, but needles.... not so much. I have to say that was the worst part, at least up till then. They injected the anesthesia into my arm and the nurse stuck a big plastic thing in my mouth. I remember thinking it was taking a long time to work, and then I started giggling. I don't know why, I just was finding it funny. Then my lips started to tingle and I think I giggled even more. I could just imagine the anesthesia seeping up my arm and into my head because suddenly the world started to collapse on me, and I think I remember saying "Ohhh".

When I "woke up" I was quite loopy. Mom said I was crying and when she asked me I didn't know why. My head felt so heavy like it was filled with sand, and I think I kept saying something about a waterfall. Mom also said that I kept doing the alphabet in sign language over and over again. I was seeing double, and my mouth felt like plastic, which I think I kept insisting upon. The nurse and my mom helped me out to the car. I still couldn't help sobbing and when mom would say that I was crying I would insist that I wasn't, and I even said I was so fine that I would drive us home if she wanted me to. It felt like it took forever to get home, and I was feeling very seasick. Mom had to help me to the couch when I almost fell over. I was just standing there I felt like my legs just turned to jello. I took a short nap, and when I got up besides felling tired I was OK. I really wanted to help mom make dinner so I started stirring the milk and butter to make a sauce to go over the mac and cheese. The Vestals came over to pick up Christian and I was talking to Hannah when I had a sudden notion that I really needed to puke. I ran to the bathroom, the gagging feeling was in my throat, when the world started to fuzz and then went black.

I woke up and it was the strangest feeling ever. I had no clue were I was, or even who I was. I just heard some people talking and saw what looked like carpet. I really was completely disoriented and drenched in sweat. I kind of sat up, or what I thought was up, I wasn't even in tune with my body it seemed. I remembered something about blue pelicans, and then it came back to me. I called for mom and when she came (I think I was crying again) I said that I thought I had passed out. She brought me over to her bad and I lied down. I felt nauseous for the rest of the day, and kept feeling the urge to upchuck. My mom called the doctor and the doctor said, "no more monkeys jumping on the bed". No, actually he just said that I was probably dehydrated and needed to lay down.
When I woke up today besides being incredibly puffy, and tired I'm doing much better. I went to town today and mom got me some stuff for me to eat. I was so pitiful looking though that people kept giving me these sad looks, and the lady at Costco called me sweetie. I still have a lot of homework to do so I should be off. The sad part about this whole ordeal is that I have to repeat it in a year or so.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the last rose (sunflower) of summer

Although it still looks green outside, you can feel Autumn sneaking up. When I go out now I have to ask myself "do I need a jacket?". Along with Fall comes good and bad. The good; sweaters, knee highs, hot drinks, pretty colors, and hats. The bad; winter is on its way, colds *cough*, no more swimming, no more flip flops, no more gardening (besides tearing it up), for my brother school, and it really doesn't matter what color I paint my toenails because no one sees them anyway.
Mom and I were in the garden tonight picking some of the last beans for dinner, and I asked if she minded if I picked a sunflower. I hadn't this year and they are all either facing the wrong direction, bug laden, or dying. Just being out there for the few minutes, the cool breeze reminded me of the upcoming season. I don't know about any of you, but I think of different things for times, or places. Like right now I feel like the Swan River Walk, Choir, chocolate chip cookies, and Little House on the Prairie. I have a feeling next year it will be homework. I'm not overwhelmed yet, but I've never really had to do homework before and I'm going to have to readjust my schedule, because going to bed around one, isn't going to work in the long run. I started piano lessons again today, and I'm almost done with all the dresses for the wedding. So on with the new, off with the old, on with the year.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 30: How to poison a chicken

Today is my last day of the challenge. Although I haven't been completely consistent, It gave me a something to blog about daily even if it was boring or pointless.
Have any of you noticed the new Stats button on your blog? It is so cool and funny. So, I was looking over my traffic sources, (oh, thanks Carstensens for sending me over 148) and I noticed that my number one searched key words for my blog was for "how to poison a chicken" from my opera I put on years ago. I don't know about you but I found it funny that 18 people googled how to get rid of there feathered friends. Why would you even bother poisoning a chicken anyway? Wouldn't it be easier to just go Henry Vlll on them? Anyways, if you have time you should go check out why people are visiting your blog, you might find it enlightening.

I'm supposed to leave you all with some parting motto or philosophy. So here is one of my favorites from the ultimate philosopher.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

I hope you all enjoyed my challenge as much as I did, and I determine to keep my posting up, even with all my homework. So you might not see me quite as often, but don't worry, I'm still here.
The End

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 29: Luke's pain, my pain, and my lack of pain.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, things have been busy for me lately. When I finally remembered the challenge it was after midnight, so It wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Yesterday I had Aurel Perception for the first time. I think it will be though, but really fun. We had to sing solfege, and write out rhythms that he was playing on the piano (I failed miserably). Did you know that in solfege it's si and not ti? Anyhow, it was a good day, I met a nice girl, walked over to Starbucks with some friends (I'd never actually been there before), we just barely made our next class (Hannah, I can now sympathise about walking long distances in Privos, ouch!), and my back didn't hurt from sitting so long like it did the fist day.

Before all that in the morning I had a panoramic of my mouth, and will be getting my top two wisdom teeth out next Thursday. Also my brother Luke finally got his braces. he is in pain, but I think he will get used to them quickly. Actually, I pray he will get used to them quickly or I will go crazy with all the funny sucking, and popping noises he is making with his mouth.

As to hopes, dreams, and plans I have for the next 365 days, I really don't have that many. I guess I hope I will have enough money to get my own braces, I plan on taking an EMT class, and as for dreams, I'll be happy as long as a giant tomato plant doesn't try to brake my arm again. Seriously, I just want to grow into a better person for Christ, maturing in the scriptures, and walking the straight and narrow.