Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a froth provoking experience

First I give you all permission to laugh at my ignorance.

Well, today I went to a coffee shop for the first time ever. My grandpa is staying with us for two and a half weeks while my grandma is in New York. He had a dermatologist appointment today because he had skin cancer on his face removed and went to have stitches out. When he was there they said that his glasses were leaking copper into his face and that they needed the nose part to be replaced. We took him over to fix his glasses (which they also sonically cleaned) and they said it would be about 20 minutes. My mom suggested walking over to City Brew across the street, so we went.
We walked in and it looked cool. Very what I would expect a coffee shop to look like. My mom and grandpa ordered just a coffee, but if you know me I'm more of the sweet type. My experience with coffee is limited to Costco Latte' Freeze, those Starbucks cold sweet things you can get at supermarkets, and embarrassingly McDonald's iced coffee. So I look at their board and feel overwhelmed. I know I want something sweet, but what is the difference between a cappuccino or a frappucino, and will it taste anything like what I'm used too?
I'm feeling on the spot, the nice looking girl is starting to look not quite so nice and the person behind me is getting impatient. I suck up my pride and ask her "what is the difference between a Latte' and a cappuccino?" She says something about frothed milk in the cappuccino, so I say I'll take that. She asks what name to call and my mom says "Megan". I ask why. Dumb question, let's just say I get um..... blonde in stressful situations. So we all go sit down and I'm seeing these people walking around with these really yummy looking coffee, whipped cream, very light and sugary looking goodness. I get kind of excited. Maybe it will be really good? The lady calls my name. I don't hear her, she starts walking over to the table, I see her and stand up to get it. Humm, it's in a foam cup not a clear plastic one. First clue. I open it up and see all this frothy stuff, of course being me I dip in my finger and try it. It taste like... nothing. I try again and it barely taste like milk. I put the lid back on and take a sip and burns my tongue. So, I let it cool, wondering about what it might taste like.
My mom asks to try mine and after taking a sip proclaims "It tastes like dirt". At this point I'm feeling protective of my cup of unwonderfullness, and tell mom that it does not taste like dirt and she just has to let it cool. We sit there awhile and then leave. I still really haven't tried it yet. By the time we get grandpa's glasses and head for the car it has finally cooled enough to drink. It tasted like coffee, not really the flavor I was looking for. I drank the cup but I am unimpressed (the flavor did resemble that of dirt).

Overall I went into my first coffee shop, had my first "real" coffee, and next time I think I will just ask for the sweetest thing they've got.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

No we didn't skip church to do this.

So today around 1:00 we decided to go to Wayfarers Park for their kayaking day. It's where you can go and test out kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and some other neat things.

They have so many kayaks in different in sizes and colors, it's like a skittles bag exploded. Jack Gladstone and Sax man were there playing and singing.Luke went out on a paddle board and loved it. I tried it to, but didn't have quite the same feeling towards them.This was my favorite. You peddle these kayaks with a back and forth motion. I really liked how easy it was to direct which way to go.Luke didn't really like this one. I think his feet were really cold because they hung into the water.
The water was so cold.Mom and I Luke caring in his paddle board.My dad watched us get cold, and took pictures of us.

Overall it was mostly fun. I didn't have a blast or anything, but I got some neat pictures (always worth it right?) and did enjoy peddling.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My sanity is back!

Finally it feels like spring is upon us and summer is on it's way. I love warm weather, summer breezes, digging in my garden, a good old fashioned sunburn, and going through a day feeling like I accomplished something. Today was the day. After my piano lesson I was able to weed in my garden for a good while (not one of the things I like) and got my potatoes and onions planted. I hope it's not to late in the season, but it's only just gotten warm enough to plant. I would put on pictures but first; I didn't take any. Second; who wants to see pictures of dirt and me covered in dirt and sweat, and third; I don't want to put on pictures of me covered in sweat and dirt. So instead here is a picture I took just for your pleasure from our beds.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stolen Craft

Like any good little crafter I save old wool sweaters for crafts. Although I've never actually done anything with them, I still kept them for "just in case I ever need them". I've found some cute patterns for pillows, gloves, and little animals, but I just never felt inspired to cut up a sweater to make anything.
Today I was doing my rounds (blogs, e-mail, and etsy) and I found this really cute video on etsy. here is the link. Finally, I could feel happy bubbles and stars exploding in my head. I asked mom, and she said it was fine so off I went. After I felted it, I began construction, or deconstruction. It went from a huge sweater, to a swing jacket, and then I finally decided to cut it to capelet size. At first I was hesitant but after a few good snips I went wild.

So here is my ending project.
Tell me what you think
only Megan would wear something like that?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hokey Poky

You no how you can have so much fun at something that you ride on a high for the next few days? Like last Christmas after the parade I had so much fun I wanted to do it again and again. Or after our Medieval costume party two years ago, I would go back and pour over the pictures trying relive that day. Well, on Saturday I had one of those moments in time that took me so far out of my comfort zone, off into the era of swing.

I thought I would do a post on the banquet, and maybe I will later. But you can see pictures at both Laurel's and Jillian's posts for now.

The following day after the banquet, There was a 40's swing dance. My mom and I carpooled with the Hawkins (Rachel, her mom, and brother). We got there a little early and I was amazed at the ballroom. It is located above Sassafrass on Main St. The room isn't too large, but it's plenty big for it's purpose. It has a really neat catwalk above it all and a room, which I'm not sure it's use. The ballroom is all wood, and must have been built a long time ago. You have to go up a stair case in the back to get there.
That's me in the middle twirling, and yes, *gasp* if you haven't completely shunned me forever I am dancing with a boy.
After an awkward beginning people really started getting into it. The girls out numbered the boys about 2 to 1, but at least most of the guys were willing to dance. Anyway the girls danced with girls often. I had a blast! It was so much fun I can't even comprehend it all. I danced in a contest and I think we unofficially came in second, although after about 15 minutes of dancing I had a "glow" as my mother put it and a few blisters. Rachel and I danced at the end together a lot and that was fun too, because we could actually get a little bit more wild then with the guys. Oh, and most the boys were so unadventurous, that the girls were asking the guys to dance, which I got used to quickly. We danced to of coarse 40's music, and did the hokey poky which was unusually fun.

Over all, it was a night to remember forever. I met some really nice people, learned some new dance steps, and drank lots of punch. Oh, and I got second place in a costume contest which I didn't want to enter.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sling shots

My brother and I were watching a Myth Busters on human sling shots so..... If you have ever watched that show you know how they always insist that you never try anything they do at home. Well, don't worry, Luke wasn't flying across our yard, but unfortunate Lego men were.

We built it using pencils, duct tape, tacks, yarn, and rubber bands.
Pretty isn't it? We were both amazed on how well it worked when we were done. The Lego men would actually go from our family room back wall all the way out the back door past the porch.
I tried to film my little stunt man in action. You can't really see him, but he goes past the table.