Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 21: Do you love waffles?

In general, I'm a pretty typical girl. I love to be clean, look nice, and never be under or over prepared. I wear jewelery, makeup, tee shirts, and denim. In the summer I wear flip flops, and in the winter boots. I eat typical foods, and do mostly normal activities. I do have some quirky personality traits, and can contort my body into bizarre positions, but mostly I'm pretty normal. So, finding something that I do differently than most people is hard. I asked my family and my brother Luke said that I have an uncanny ability to break just about anything I touch. But I think I will go with my mom's suggestion. I eat the same thing every morning for breakfast. Unless my mom makes homemade waffles, pancakes, or french toast, I have the exact same thing. I have always been this way though, for years I would have cream of wheat until one day I just got sick of it. For the last three or so years now I eat two wheat Eggo toaster waffles with a itsy bitsy bit of syrup on them and about an inch of milk. I don't really know why I do this, I'm just a creature of habit and probably always will be.

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Rachael Melody said...

"and never be under or over prepared." Amen to that! I was in a group communication class in college a few semesters ago, and we were supposed to write out "diary entries" of each of the meetings our teams had. I asked my teacher if there were any limits, but he didn't really have limits (either for how long we were supposed to make our entries, or for how short). We had to cover a certain number of aspects in each entry, however. Okay, then. I wrote probably two or three pages per meeting, and ended up with about thirty pages of text. I arrived at class only to discover that my stack was roughly as tall as everyone else's combined. *blush*

P.S. I'm a habitual eater too. Right now it's fried eggs and rice (but not together). :-D