Monday, June 30, 2008

Puttanesca sauce!

Yum, Yum, Yum........... That is all I can think about when I hear the words Puttanesca. My brother Rich had this family recipe he learned from his ex wife Sara, and every time he made it for us I nearly died. So finally a few months ago he taught me how to make it. So when we made it tonight I thought I would show some pictures. The pictures turned out a little bright it is really much darker. And I also thought I would put a picture of the creative masterpieces my brother Rich made for a party tonight. They are mango slices wrapped in Riseroa Proscitto, and Boursin cheese. THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!!

Painter Man

I made a new cartoon movie. My mom later told me after watching it for the first time, that I had spelt a few words wrong, Sorry.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Bye!

The Vestals, Underhills and us, are going to go camping Thursday to Sunday. So this will most likely be my last post till Monday, unless I post tomorrow, which i don't think I will. Sorry this is short and maybe bad grammar but It is late and to dark to see what I'm typing. So long, and God bless you till we meet again!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ancient to Swing era

For all who know and all who don't know, I have an another blog. It is at It is basically a blog for my own pleasure. I'm putting on information and pictures of the many fashion era's of the past that I have studied.
So Enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Wait! No! Oh! Yes! Ahhh! Stop! Ok! Here!

I went on another bike ride yesterday, but with Hannah, not Rachel. Somehow each bike ride seems to get harder. Poor Hannah, she accidental ran over a poor little fellow as you can see in the picture below, But, it was a painless death. She ran right over it's head (It went SPLAT, or should I say FLAT!) It was so funny, you should have seen it, Mrs. Vestal called on my dad's cell phone (that was the one I brought) and asked if she could talk to Hannah. Well, if you've ever tried to hand someone a cell phone with your right hand when they are on you left side while ridding your bike up a hill, IT'S NOT EASY!!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Second Bike Ride.

Yesterday, Rachel and I went on another bike ride, but we didn't see another moose. I did bring my camera! so last night I made a movie. But, It isn't just a movie of our bike ride. It has visual Enhancements! for certain people who thought it was hard. I made a movie to prove that is was simple. (Plus just to show our bike ride)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Goose and Geese, Moose and Meese?

Today, Well, you all know how athletic I am (Muffled laughter). First I rode my bike up to our mailboxes (which for all who don't know is a 1/3 mile away) and back, then Rachel and I rode almost to the mailboxes, but then saw Cleo (My dog) had followed us, so I rode her back home. So, Rachel and I rode up to Jewel Basin, and guess who we saw coming down to meet us? Give up? Cleo, our 145 pound dog who is even less athletic then I am. So It took a while but we finally got Cleo home after about 15 mins of painstakingly slow riding. After that we went to go to Jewel Basin again. OK, this is where it gets interesting. WE SAW A MOOSE!!!!!!! We where riding when I saw it "Rachel, look, Rachel, look a moose, over there, look, do you see it? look, oh Rachel do you see it?!" With many little leaps of joy and some claps. Eventually she saw it, then It looked at us and THEN crossed the rode right in front of us!!! It was a smaller female. We kept riding shouting, screaming and singing to everyone who passed by that we saw a moose! We got to Jewel Basin and decided to go farther, then Rachel suggested that we go to the Underhill's house. So we kept riding (By the way as I said before I'm not athletic AT ALL!) We rode, and rode, finally coming to a small creak/river and cooled are feet and splashed are faces. Then we kept going. After a long trip (Beautiful) but long we got to the Underhill's. No car, bad news. So we knocked on the door, then harder Rachel all the while saying "This is the Gestapo, open up!". OK, after 3 miles to the Underhill's (mostly up hill) we where worn out. So we checked the door it was unlocked, See, that's the nice thing about Montana, nobody locks their doors. We went in , Well, Uncle Greg works for Anchor alarms so we avoided the alarm. We helped ourselves to water and I called my mom and told her where we were and to tell the Underhills (They were at are house) that We where drinking their water and using their phone. So we went home which took considerably less time then it it going there. We came home and did what we do at home with the Underhills and Vestals (Besides commenting on other people's blogs) sat on the roof and sang.


This is my new post for certain people who complain I need a new post. So here it is, a new post. To make some people happy. So now you can't complain. Because I have a new post. ARE YOU HAPPY!:)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The things I dislike more than snow in June, is slush. For anyone who doesn't now what slush is, I will tell you. It is what happens when the snow starts to melt and it becomes like a slushy EVERYWHERE! Here are some pictures. Those used to be Tulips:(

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paper Dolls

Most people don't know I have a little fetish for paper dolls, specially ones from the 1800s. As I was looking at Regency bonnets, I found a link to simplicity patterns and was looking at some of their free patterns. Then I saw a picture that said some thing about free Patty Reed paper doll patterns and went there. Well, if you have a little girl I strongly suggest you go there. They have some of the cutest free paper dolls and wardrobe, that I've found for free. They have like four different dolls and lots of different clothing for each one (including a really cute party dress that reminded me of something Anna McClean would were) I think it was number 5130 just in case you couldn't find it. Each picture takes a while to load, but it's worth it. Here is a picture of one!

Is it June10th, or January 10th? Or Christmas?

Here are some pictures of our lawn this morning.
No, we have not redecorated our lawn with little white rocks, IT'S SNOW!It's June 10th and it's snowing. These are the times you pick yourself out of that little shriveling mass on the floor, thank God for all the moister, and that we aren't having a drought this year, then go scream.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Green Pain

For all who don't know, we have monkey bars in our back yard. Well, I've not done them for a long time and believe me they hurt your hands! So while I was hurting myself going back and forth, I made up this poem, OK I know this is probably the worst poem you will ever read and the rhymes are very imperfect, But you'll just have to suffer.

Oh, thee green bars how they cause pain to my palms,
so I will write to thee a horrible Psalms.

To me they cause horrible pains,
to my hands they cause blistering pangs.

What terror, what gore,
for I think a muscle I just tore.

I had more but I forgot it quickly, so along with insanity I have memory loss!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Costume Party

Here is a sideshow of pictures of the costume party, taken not only by me but also by, Hannah, Aunt Kathleen, and Ridge.


A Movie of Montana!