Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 17: The gentleman

For an art piece I just love this painting.

I can just imagine what they are saying.

The gentleman: "OK now ladies follow me, flutter you fan like this, then draw back your skirt into a slight curtsy."

Ladies try

The gentleman: "Very well done," his stomach growls because he hasn't eaten lunch yet.

The chaperons: "Isn't he just dashing, I'm just sure he and Lucy will be married by the spring."

"No, no, I heard he is quite fond of Mary."

"I'm sure your mistaken, he had tea with us a fortnight ago and said how much he admired her scones, and said he would come again when work permitted him."

"Well, at the ball last night he danced twice with Mary, and I'm sure would have danced two times more if your Lucy hadn't practically wrote his name on her dance card."

"What are you implying about my Lucy?"

"Why nothing, whatever could you mean?"

The gentleman: Thinking about how all he wants to do is go to his residence, and leave these empty headed girls and their fans.


His Handmaiden said...

Very funny, Megan. I enjoyed it brought a smile to my face.=)

Hannah said...

Ha ha! That is a lark! Good narrative.

Rachael Melody said...

Well done! I can just imagine that conversation going down - very humorous!