Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 20: The Hu Hot Adventure

I guess a hobby of mine could be that I love to wear costumes, which fits perfect with my post for today.
Today Hu Hot was having a dress like Genghis Khan day. If you came in three or more Genghis pieces you would get a free meal. I convinced Luke, Mitch, Matthew, and Christian to do it with me. Hey, I'll dress funny for an hour for a free meal. Luke and I waiting for the rest of our mangy bunch to arrive.
Needless to say we got funny looks.Christian getting his food. The guys there are so cool. They can do all these flippy things with their spatulas and are just so good at what they do. My plate, or at least the first one. Yummy.Matthew being goofy.Luke, Matthew, Christan, and Mitch at our table.Luke and Christian looking, well, I'm not actually sure what they looked like. Some Viking, Mongolian, Sasquatch hybrid.Come to Montana, The locals are great!

Another great day!


Nahla said...

Sounds like loads of fun (and food)!
And I like your new blog title. :)

Rachael Melody said...

Fun! Hey, at least you use an excuse - I usually don't bother anymore! Looks like you guys had a good time :-)

Frizz said...

Nahla- It was so much fun, you should have come. Glad you like the new title, I got tired of the old one.

Rachel- If I can't find an excuse I normally just make one up. Thanks for following my blog!

Anonymous said...

We decided that while we wouldn't encourage you to come to church dressed like that, you all have given us a side of Genghis Kahn to love!! Wish we would've known- we could've met you there!! Can you imagine isaiah with a mustache and goatee?? *Very* fun blog, Megan!! McLean fam