Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 18: Two things new

Today's challenge is a time when I felt passionate and alive,
and today I defiantly had those feelings.
So, Mitch and I went to the meryme concert at the fair. It was great! I had never really been to a concert before, and it was a really neat experience. I loved how it was so God centered. They really made it about Him, and not them. We got there around 6:45 and it started about 7:37ish. Mitch had one free ticket so we split the price, but still were in general admission. We sat in the back row in the center, which seams like it would be hard to see from, but we actually had a great view, and it was by no means quiet. They started and ended with a bang, and had the audience on their feet multiple times. It was great how many people I knew. You can actually see Emily Rickel behind Mitch. It was awesome when they had the audience singing Amazing Grace, and I love You Lord. You could see the people's love for God, and it made be feel great being there. They aren't my favorite genre of music, but I loved their passion for God, and I even got a CD for $5, can't beat that even on Amazon.


Joanna Grace said...

Too bad I didn't see you there. That was a seriously amazing concert! I was taking picts for the radio station! so much fun. Got to meet the guys and everything!

Nahla said...

Sounds like you really liked it!