About Me

Hello reader! I'm Megan, I’m 19 years old and live in the beautiful Flathead Valley in Montana.  I’m not a very complicated person; my life is, for the most part, simple, except for my loads of never ending homework. I’m currently a student at FVCC as a music major, and God willing I will transfer to Missoula in the fall of 2012. Although a music degree is what I’m pursuing, my interests are quite diverse. I love to cook/bake any and everything; actually it’s what I do to relax when I’m having a hard or just sad day. I wouldn’t call myself “outdoorsy”, yet I love to spend my summers outside. Swimming, rafting, inner tubing, fishing, rock jumping, rope swings (do you see the pattern?), basically if it has to do with water, I’m for it! I also enjoy camping, bike riding, gardening, and on the occasion have been found to enjoy mild hiking. Unfortunately, Montana has a very short season to be outside without snow, so the other ten months (when I am not doing homework) I find other ways to stay entertained, like dancing, sewing, crocheting, really any craft I have a whim to try.  I’m a born again Christian and believe it is my calling to glorify God in everything I do in life. I try to look at everything in a positive light, and enjoy smiling and laughing too much to not find joy in life, and honestly, I laugh a lot. A first I may seem quiet, but I’m definitely not a loner. I’m almost always either with family, my boyfriend Steven *smile*, or friends. Well, I hope you enjoy my blog!