Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 19: Meet me at the fair

Today we went to the fair. It was Mrs. Vestal, Christian, Hannah, Luke, Mom, and I. It was quite a warm day but not scorching hot which was really nice for the fair. We got there so early that everything wasn't even open yet, oh, well. Christan looking grim, Mrs. Vestal smiling nicely, Mom, and my brother Luke goofing off.It was fun to try out the four wheelers and motorcycles. The guy was nice enough to let us have a quick photo shoot on them. The animals were as cute as usual. Hannah of course had a soft spot for anything small and cute (I wonder why?)I apologize for the skin, but don't worry I did have shorts on underneath. I have always loved rock walls. I think the part that was the most fun was bouncing down. I'm not sure if I've already said this before, but I just love heights. I can never pass up a free chance to climb even if I am in a skirt.The boys enjoyed the Ferris wheel.Christan trying out a helmet. I'm not sure if he looks more like a police officer, or a astronaut. OK, so I sorta almost maybe bought this scooter. I love Vespas and there similars, and I could barely pass up this offer. Luke was like "you have to buy it Megan, Megan you just have to buy it". He would make a great sales man would he not? Only I didn't get it. I thought about it for a few seconds, and everyone was for it, even mom. I'm just not a spur of the moment type of person, and I'm saving my money for something else anyway.Mom and Luke.
It was actually a blessing they were up there too. We were walking to the very back of the fair looking for a way to find an entrance, and Mom called me and said that we were going the wrong way. Long trek back.

I'm sorry this last one is really washed out, but what can you expect from a cellphone picture in direct sunlight. But here are the boys on there dream car.

So as to the challenge today, I asked Hannah what talent she thought I had, and Hannah said that I'm bendy girl or something. I'm not sure if being inhumanly flexible is a talent, unless I decide to run away to the circus, but it is something that I do have a natural "proclivity" for. I guess I'm also good at looking at something and being able to figure out how to make it myself, or just figure how it was put together.

So that was my day another great one. Isn't God good to give us so many blessings! I just absolutely love being happy, life is to short to have bad days, when we can have wonderful ones.


Hannah said...

That was fabulously fun!! You looked great on that Vespa. (and the rock wall too) :-)

Nicole said...

I don't like the new ferris wheel. It's fun that you can have more than two people in one car (or whatever you call them) but I think I like the charm of a good, old-fashioned ferris wheel better :\