Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 6: A blushing bride, a long trip, and very yummy food

I'm so sorry I missed day 6 yesterday, but I have a wonderful excuse and I'll try to post twice today to make it up. A moment I wish I could relive is easy. Right now I would love to relive yesterday.
Around 8 a.m yesterday my Mom, Mrs. Vestal, Hannah, and I went to Missoula to look for a wedding dress and just had a fun day. After a two hour trip (which isn't so bad with great company) we went to the first bridal store. Hannah tried on some and we oohed and awed over lacy white dresses, then we went to another store and did the same.
For lunch we went to a Vietnamese grill and had yummy sweet and sour pork, oodles of noddles, and a bowl of heavenly curry soup (I love curry).
We also did a thrift store, and a second hand boutique. I got a really cute top, and at the thrift a funny frilly jacket.
Lastly we went to the mall to look for a mob dress for Mrs. Vestal. We couldn't find one, but we did have a fun time walking around and looking at mostly cute clothing. They have clothing for every personality at the mall. Whether your preppy, classy, trendy, or kind of goth, they have a store for you. I wish we had had more time to walk into some stores that we don't have around here that looked interesting, but it was getting late.
We got home about 9:20ish and I didn't turn off my light until after 1:00a.m. because I had too much energy left to sleep so I studied for a writing test I might take. Did you know you put a "an" before honour because the H is silent?"

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Hannah said...

That sure was fun! Thanks for enduring my indecision.....