Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Hike

Yesterday, a few families from our church went to Glacier Park for a picnic thing and a hike. It was a beautiful windy day, and just the right temp for a hike.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green life with an orange thumb

A while ago I crocheted a tree frog. I look a picture of him and thought it looked cute, so you get to look at it too! He protects my ceiling high house plant from all manner of evil bugs.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm normally leery to try glove patterns because they always seem to take size 30 thread, to thick of yarn, look way to elegant, look old ladyish, or take forever to make. So when I found this pattern I talked myself into trying it and really was happily surprised. They only took me two evenings to make and I like the fit, and weight of yarn.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Off of etsy I bought a wall embellishment to go around my light switch. My dad helped me apply it to my wall tonight. It went on just like a fake tattoo, Take the paper off, stick it on, get it wet then pull off the adhesive paper. I really like the way it looks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I found this butterfly stuck between the fence wire, and rescued it. For thanks, it let me run inside, grab the camera and take a picture of it. I love the colors God made it, so.... yellow.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Weeds!

I love the wild "flowers" weeds that grow in summer. They are so noxious, yet so pretty (a lot like sin). My dad always goes out and weedwacks them, that makes me sad, yet they grow back within a week. They are so fun to make into wreaths and they last a while, I still have mine from last year, though a bit crunchier.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....

OK, for all who didn't know, us, the Vestals, and the Underhills went camping this weekend. That being said let me tell you what you didn't know.
We got to the campground about 1 p.m Friday morning. It was beautiful, warm, and the campground was practically empty. We chose our prime spot and set up our tents, chairs, est. Hannah and I rode our bikes down to the lake and the mud was heaven, absolute heaven, so we rode back as fast as we could to get our suits on. Getting back to the lake it was cooler so.... We slathered ourselves in mud up to the waist. The moms went to get the canoe and when they got back Hannah and I paddled across the lake. It was like a perfect serene beach over there. No salty ocean, annoying seagulls, absolutely NO people, great sand, and a cool sandy wall to graffiti all over. Eventually dragging ourselves away from the perfect world, we came home to find the Underhills had gotten their except Mitch and Matt who came with the Vestals.
Before dinner it started raining, then pouring, then dumping, (I found out that my waterproof jacket was not water tight) My dad Mitch and I were putting up the fly tent over our kitchen stuff (everyone else had vacated to their tents) when it started thundering and lightening. You could see the lightning way less then a mile away. It was like Boom, pow, Boom, pow (if that was a good description or not) It kept dumping then my mom said that the tent was leaking through the floor! So off to save our comfort of a warm sleeping bag. Mitchell kept on cooking the chicken throughout the rain. The Underhills (three of them) got back when it stopped raining. They had gone to a rodeo Eric was riding in. It was indoors. Later we played madlibs in our tent. It poured most the night.
We took Shelby camping. during the night Shelby woke me up by scratching on our sleeping bags. I woke my mom up to get her to stop. Mom, upon finding Shelby was cold decided to put her in the sleeping bag. Shelby never having slept in a sleeping bag before kept climbing out and butting her head against mine, why I don't know. Eventually she fell asleep.
The next day it was chilly, so all us girls (except Nora) went to Eureka and the Amish store. We went to a used store, a really neat consignment store where I got a really cute pair of shoes and skirt, then an amazing clothing store. I mean it. I liked practically everything in that store including the name "Sunflower Moose". They had so many cute skirts, jackets, and tops it was unbelievable. After being in la la land, We went to lunch at a really neat deli, yarn shop, cross bookstore. I had the best sandwich ever, then we went back to the cold wet, miserable, camp sight and played badminton. ,
Today was wonderful. A little chilly in the morning but warmed up great. We packed up then rode down to the lake. Hannah, Nora, and I went across the lake again. Still bliss. imagine.... sunbathing on hot sand, cooling off your feet in clear cold water, running down the "shore", doing more graffiti, climbing a sandy hill, playing in quick sand, then taking a relaxing trip back. Later Hannah and I "played" in the mud more, then we all went home. And Hannah if you changed your mind and still wanted that swirly metal thing I found it's to late, I threw it into the lake.
I hope that wasn't to long, but I hope you read it because I took awhile to write. Here are some pictures because I know that's the only thing you like. The boys playing cards with goggles on so the smoke wouldn't bug them The chairs attempting to dry off. The shelter made to keep the hammocks dry from the rain. Mitchell cooking the chicken in the rain.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hannah sent me instructions on how to make this button pillow. I made one and thought it turned out cute. It didn't match my room though so I put it in the craft room.