Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 26: Having returned from an adventure, I now embark upon another

We got home today around 2ish, wet, tired, somewhat miserable, but wholly intact. Because my mom and I don't know how to drive a stick, Mitch chauffeured Hannah and I there in the truck. It took around 3 1/2 hours to get to the McGillivray campground. We had to go through Libby and around lake Koocanusa to get to the sight. Below is a picture of the Libby Dam. the campground was about four miles away. On Saturday we actually took a tour. It was really interesting. Everything was super sized inside, from the turbines, to the wrenches. I would recommend it to any of you if you are ever out there to take a quick detour to take the tour. Sorry I don't have pictures of the tour itself, but they don't let people bring anything in since 9/11.I don't know what this river is called, but it was gorgeous to dive along. Had the weather been warmer, I would have been at risk. Our camp sight was right along a cliff overlooking Lake Koocanusa. Some parts were definitely too high to jump off, unless you have a death wish, but other parts would have been pretty safe and really fun to jump into the water from. *sigh* If only it had been warmer. Although this picture doesn't look like much, I hung over the side of a steep ridge to take it.
So you better like it. Christian, Matthew, Luke, and Mitch building their fort. Mitch said they were going to be like survivor man and build a fire, drink from the lake, and scavenge food. It lasted around two hours before they came back for smores. Funny, when taking this picture Mitch asked me if it was for my blog. *guilty*Interesting fact about the lake is that awhile ago they had a contest to name it. One gal came up with Koo (for the Kootenai Indians) can (for Canada) and usa (for the USA) to get Koocanusa. Mom and Hannah warming themselves by the fire. It was pretty cold Fri, Sat, and Sun. Thursday when we were driving it was scorching, And the irony? None of us had air conditioning.

Last night you could hear the light patter of rain drops on the tent. That morning unfortunately we still heard it. It never stopped raining. It's absolute misery packing up in the rain. All the camp chairs were soaked, so no sitting, they did get the fire going, but the whole way home we were that sticky damp. Yuck.

As for my childhood memory. Hum.... I once had a dream that a bird lived under the dirt in one of our house plants when I was really little. So when we moved to MT and left the plant behind I first had to dig up the "bird" to let it go free. Needless to say, there was no bird, and I was confused.

Oh, and the adventure I'm embarking on if your wondering, I start college tomorrow. Pray that all goes well.

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Yup, it was fun!

P.S. I left a comment for you on the most recent post on Gingerbread Mushroom.