Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 23:Shark Bait

So, we got a call today from my brother in Florida, and he had an exciting story.
Everyday my brother goes for a swim in the ocean, he lives right on the beach so who can blame him. He had finished doing his daily laps and was floating on his back. He noticed some people getting out of the water but didn't take any notice. He then heard someone yelling something about watching out, but again he didn't really process that he was trying to get his attention. After a few moments he decided to stand up to see what was going on. He was in about chest deep water. Two feet from him by his feet was a six foot long Bull Shark. He said he didn't even think of panicking, just "that's a really big Bull Shark". The motion of his standing up made it go away, thank God. He said that it swam really fast, and that he couldn't have ever out swam it. So that was my brothers encounter with a shark, and he lived to tell of it, and with all his limbs.

Oh, and on a much lighter note, I got all my books for college today. They actually look really neat, and I should hope so for what they cost. And as to my day, how I would like to be remembered; I want to be remembered as having served God with all my heart, and always having joy.

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