Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The picture is on the left, not in the middle.

These last few days have been pretty uneventful for me. Aural Perception and World Music were canceled for the day, so I only went in for an hour and a half this morning for ASL. The only thing that I can even think of that happened this last week, worthy of note, is that I went to a swing dance last Friday (which was a blast), and I unofficially learned how to parachute (just don't push me out of a plane quite yet).

This afternoon I went to grab a plum, and found them pruning (is that a word?), going the way of all ageing plums. Mom said to give them to our chickens, but I wanted to find a better use for them than momentarily pleasing our feathered friends. I googled "recipe plums" and after a little searching found a recipe for upside down plum cake, and guess what? It took four plums, which happens to be the exact number of those wrinkled things we had.

I was quite happily going along, curdling the milk (weird), grating a clementine (Hey, we didn't have any oranges, and it called for only half an orange anyway), caramelizing the butter and brown sugar, when I hit a kink in the hose of life. I cut my finger on, you'll never guess what, the can of baking powder. I think I was way more shocked than in actual pain, because when I cut myself and my mom walked by, I stated that, well, I had cut myself. My mom commented something about it being little when I exclaimed that it was pretty deep, I still don't understand why, but for some strange reason, my mom cracked up laughing. Anyhow, back to the plum cake.

After it cooled, I has so happy on how easily it inverted. I just love saying that "I inverted the cake" "the cake successfully inverted" "After inversion, the cake was thoroughly enjoyed". Sorry, but seriously try saying it and you will be addicted. Dad and I really liked it, it had kind off a tangy sweetness to it, mom thought it was OK, and Luke refused to try it. So if you are ever around my house in the next day or so, stop by because there is half a delicious (in my opinion) inverted plum cake in our fridge that I don't really want to finish.

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Hannah said...

sound yummy. I do like plums & upside down cake.