Sunday, October 24, 2010

The last few days

Wow, the last few days went by in a blur. It's hard to believe it is all over and I go to school again in the morning. Hannah and Ridge's wedding was this last Saturday at the Mennonite church. It was fantastic, but I'll try not to get ahead of myself and start from the beginning.

Thursday: The Takahashi's airplane was to come in around 11:30 p.m., so that morning I needed to have all my homework done for my classes on Monday. I was glad I didn't have too much to do, but still, It was a long afternoon. Mom and I left a little early because their plane came in a little early (How often does that happen?) We got home around midnight, and after talking for a while went to bed.

Friday: That morning I had to finish sewing Anna's dress. I had had it mostly done, but didn't have the zipper and hem in yet so I could fit it to her. It ended up working out great, thanks to God, and I had it sewn within a hour or so. We picked up Rachel and headed off to the church for the rehearsal. We all helped set up the reception area, and it looked great when we were done. Hannah had the great idea awhile ago of putting apples on the tables for decoration and for yummy treats to eat. They got them from an orchard and they were undoubtedly the best apples I have ever had (we "had" to eat the defective ones to find out). Around 1ish, Mr. Vestal came with some pizzas which where really good because I was starting to eye the burnt chex mix. After that Josh and Ridge came back from Missoula and we started the rehearsal. I think it all went pretty smooth. The hardest part was probably getting us girls to walk slow enough down the isle(Hannah included).
After we were done with that, we ran home, quickly changed, then ran out again for the grooms dinner. The Mallery's hosted it and it was really fancy. They had tables set up and even had assigned seating (I have to admit though, our table messed around with the seating a little:) They had a four course meal, and ended it with caramel topped cheesecake, yum!

Saturday: after we all woke up and took our showers, we were kind off in this calm before the storm. We sat around the tabled until about 10:30 and then we went to work. Rachel came over to do hair and makeup. Anna did my makeup, which I was quite thankful for, and I did Anna's hair. Rachel mostly did herself, but with a little help here and there. We put our dresses on and headed to the church. We ended up being a little late, but I think it was OK because they were just barely ready for us anyway. We went up stairs and took a few pictures, and then bummed around until the wedding, trying hard not to get wrinkle butts and eating veggies.
When it was finally time for the wedding we all lined up. Because I was the MOH, I was to go first. I still don't know what happened exactly, but in rehearsal the song changed before we were to walk down, but the song just kept on going. I was like "should I just start? Or should I just wait? Surly they will change the song any minute now". Anyhow, the guy doing the music told me to go so I did. I made it down without falling over, wobbling, sneezing, running, fainting, stopping, or just plain get lost, so I was happy. I think I did go a little fast though, but I think everyone else did too! The hardest part about the whole ceremony was that my feet started killing me. I actually got to the point were I was like "I wonder what would happen if I just sat down before I just fall over?" Needless to say I persevered for Hannah, not wanting to disrupt her most special moment. Besides my acing feet, the ceremony was nice, and I remembered to give Hannah her bouquet this time (I forgot in the rehearsal). We all came down without a hitch, and quickly went to bustle the back of Hannah's dress. After some more pictures, we went to the reception. Hannah and Ridge cut the cake, Rem and I made our toasts, and Ridge was kidnapped. Overall it was a wonderful wedding, and I think it turned out gorgeous.
After lots of cleanup we all came home. My dad made burritos for dinner, and we all put our PJ's on. A little later Rachel came over again and while the moms went out, Anna, Rachel and I curled up on the couch with chocolate chip cookies, and blankets and watched three episodes of Psych.

Sunday: When I finally woke up mom said that Eric, Tera, and Elaina, where coming over in about 15 minutes. So I quickly hopped in the shower and when I came out they had been here for a while. We all talked for about an hour, when the Underhills showed up. Then Tina came over, later Mr. Vestal, and even later John Mark.
Anna really likes the Montana huckleberry lip balm, so my mom went on a phone chase to find a store that still had it. It was strange how many places were sold out. We finally found it and Mitch, Anna, and I went to Bigfork to get it. When we came home, we all played Balderdash for a few hours, and then the Takahashis had to leave. It was sad to see them go, I all went buy so fast. Mom and I drove them to the airport again, said our goodbyes, and came home. I had to finish some Music Theory homework and then we watched a movie. Although this weekend has been a blast, I'm glad it's over with too. So here I am now, in my room, it's almost midnight, typing about these very busy last few days, and dreading college in the morning. Why couldn't I have had a day off?


Nahla said...

Wow. Busy!
The wedding was great. :)

Mrs. Jones said...

What a great friend you are. You will be blessed one day too. I'm sure she will help you with your wedding...

Hannah said...

Thank you so much for helping me with the wedding!! You were a godsend, Megan! And I'm glad we got a little visit in last might. That was fun! :-)