Friday, November 12, 2010

Tooth Bling!

How much wood, could a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck had braces?
It should be over, and I'll be smiling before I know it. Right?
How 'bought a diet of pain pills!
Shark bait, hoo, ha, ha.
I feel like a horse with a bit in my mouth.
Can you read my pain? Because I can.
I only have around six more months of life without gum. Could it get any worse?
I need baby food.
No pain, no gain, put to the test.
Make new friends, and keep the old, mine our silver and none are gold.
Well, it sort of makes my lips look bigger. Although I think it would have been cheaper to have them pumped.
I wonder if anyone has ever died from braces before....
This it the most expensive pain I've ever been in.
If you were hanging from a tree by your braces, would the braces pop off, or would your teeth pull out?

I can feel you smiling at me.


His Handmaiden said...

Yes, you made me smile... but I said "ouch" a couple times too!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful, no matter how you feel "at the moment". Thanks again for the awesome hand massage and manicure last Sunday.

Tina Vestal

Autumn said...

Been there done that. In a few days they won't hurt so much, in a couple of weeks you'll forget they're there.
You poor dear.
~ Autumn.

Nicole said...

the braces would pop off. but it would hurt. :)