Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seven ways to identify that you are a craft addict

1. Even when you know you should be doing homework you decide to craft instead.
2. A new craft idea ways on your mind so hard you want to explode.
3. You stay up well after midnight because your "all most done".
4. You bring your laptop to your craft room so you don't have to keep running between rooms for instructions.
5. You can't see your desk anymore because it's covered with who knows what.
6. You find that your gift card to Joanns didn't have quite as much as you thought left on it, and you find yourself breaking a twenty.
7. You know your sanity will deteriorate if you don't find something new to make quick.
So I'll start and you can join in if you need to;
Hi, my name is Megan and I'm craftoholic. I've been at it for about my whole life and can't stop. The last time I did a craft was yesterday, and before that it was a few long days. I go on stints of doing nothing, but then I just get the urge, and before I know it I'm cutting up, or sewing something together.
There I admitted it! But now the fun part, do you what to see what I made?
Your probably thinking "what crazy thing did Megan make now?" or possibly "that's so cool I want one too!" either way I like it. This isn't actually the craft I made yesterday, but last Sunday after church. I found the how too on etsy and asked dad if he could help me make it even before I had finished watching the video. He said he would but that it would be harder than it looked, but they made it look so easy on the show, how could it be that hard? I promptly went off into the woods and found a branch. Unfortunately it was attached to a fallen tree, so I got the hack saw and started sawing a chunk off. After about 7 minutes of sawing, two cuts on my hands from the blade, and a sliver on my toe, I finally had my branch. I proudly marched it back to dad who said that It had a crack going down the middle and wouldn't work. *sigh*. So off I went again, this time with dad, and found a new branch. We took it to his shop in the garage and he showed me how to cut it using the power saw. I ended up letting him do the cutting, while I sanded each cut with the electric sander (scary). We found a board, and I brought it inside to begin placing the slices in a pleasing arrangement. I eventually glued them down, and the next time we went to town I got some spray wood gloss to finish it.

So, was it worth it? I think so. I have it hanging in my room, not really matching anything, but there having collected memories, now collecting dust.


Hannah said...

Wow. Cool.

Nahla said...

I like it! You should make more and sell them...