Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In my state of blah

Last night, after a very long day, was the first night that I didn't have way too much homework to do. So before I did my ASL assignment, I well, wasted some time on the computer. My brother will play a game to relax, but me, I look at clothing. I try not to do it in an "I want that" uncontent way. Just oh, that's cute. I think I'm not alone, but I confess I'm an avid picture saver. I like to go back and look at what I saved later for fun, and sometimes for sewing inspiration. It's nice because then I have a folder of only items that I really like, instead of scrolling down a site going, yuck, cute, umm, cute, adorable, why would someone wear that?, cute, and so on.
So, last night while I was in my much missed state of blah, I went to modcloth. If you go there you know what I'm talking about, if not. I recommend it. I was looking at their new items, and I could post probably around thirty pictures of misc items that struck my fancy. But to save on my time and your sanity, I decided just to use pictures of boots.
I really like the buckles on the first pair and how high they come up in the leg. The heal is also just right for everyday. Not too high, but not too flat.
The next three I think are just too cute. A little on the high side, but still so cute. Isn't all the crisscrossing fun? The last black boots are actually from sears. The brand is mudd (my absolute favorite shoe band!). I like how cute yet practical they are. Different but not overpowering.

If you want to feel better about your drooling, do you want to know the best part about every one of these boots? They are all under $56.


Joanna Grace said...

Hi Meghan,
I totally forgot you are learning sign language! How is it going? I actually started teaching a class Wednesday nights at 6pm at my church. It's just 5 bucks for the materials.
Anyway, I thought you might be interested. Some of it might be stuff you know, but I sure some it you haven't.
Joanna B.

Nicole said...

I follow someone's blog and she posted a photo of boots she got... they are almost just like the first pair! I need to get a pair of flattish boots I think =] I think hers were about $250 though so they must not be exactly the same.

And I love modcloth!!

Hannah said...

I really like the Mudds. I'm not sure if I could pull them off, but I think you could.

Frizz said...

Joanna- It's going great! I love the class, and I think I'm picking it up somewhat fast. I’m enjoying it so much better than my music classes, and my teacher is great. Your class sounds neat. I'm pretty packed right now, but I'll have to keep it in mind for later.