Thursday, December 2, 2010


For my birthday I only had one request, I wanted to make myself a cheesecake. So I found two recipes that sounded great. The first one was for a generic cheesecake with a ginger crust with chocolate chips in it and a cream topping. The second was for a pumpkin cheesecake also with a ginger crust. Well, after seeking many opinions and getting mixed answers I finally decided just to make both. Enough people were coming over to need two anyway. So on Tuesday I got the ingredients I needed and went to work. For me cooking and baking isn't a chore, it's how I relax. Like when I got my wisdom teeth out all I wanted to do was make dinner, or if I'm not having a good day the way I calm myself down is through stirring anything over the stove. I could saute or stir forever. Anyhow, I made the first one well, first. It went together pretty easy, I even baked it in the water bath like it said (which I was worried about). Next I made the pumpkin one which came together much more simply than the first. They both cracked down the middle which I was disappointed about. If any of you know how to get a cheesecake not to crack please tell me. So when they were both cooled I stuck them in the fridge for the night.

Yesterday, I had to go to town to register for my next semester classes. When mom and I got to the college we were supposed to meet Brian Bechtold, but he had gone to the cafeteria for lunch. So most of you know my mom, so of course we had to walk over to the cafeteria, not wait. We get there and I see him finishing his lunch, mom said to go over to him. So after the hushed "no" "yes" "but" "just go" that I'm sure everyone has done at some point in their life, I finally lost and walked over.
"Are you Brian Bechtold?" I asked.
"I depends on why you ask, what's your question?"
"Well, um, I don't really have a question, um, you are my advisor, um, and I came to register, um and they said you were here, and um, I'm sorry to bother you, but..."
I think is the first time I got the you have no clue what your doing stare.
He was mostly done eating so we walked over to the AT building. He asked me what my plans were and I think he quickly determined that I had none. I did know what classes I wanted to take so when we sat down at his computer I had a huge shock. I only go into town Monday and Wednesday and so far my schedule has been working out great. So when we saw that sometime between Monday and Wednesday they had switched ASL to T, TH, I was floored. After some mumbling and just being so shocked, mom and I went to find a computer that we could figure out how to make this all work. I absolutely wanted to do ASL so I had to work everything around it, which wasn't easy. Right now I'm signed up for Music Theory II on Monday (which is going to be difficult considering it's my only class on Monday) Intro to Fiction (which sounds horribly dreadful, but I need the credit), ASL, and then Public Speaking (which I'm actually looking forward to, because my speaking skills are lacking:). Later in April, I'm taking a Field botany class that last two weeks. I'm really looking forward to this class, and the class is already completely full.
So after all this, we got home around 4ish, Hannah came over around a half an hour later. I made dinner (Puttanesca sauce, yum..) Grandma and grandpa, James and Stacia, Dad, and Rachel, all got here around 5:30ish and we ate a little bit later.
The Underhills, Ridge, Kathi, and the Vestals came around 6:30 and we had cheesecake. I'm glad I made two because we ate almost all of them, The first one, in my opinion, was better, but not by much, and the pumpkin one was really yummy also.
OK, funny story. Mom couldn't find an eight candle, so being the math brain she is, I was 79-61. I think this was probably a first ever. James, Ridge, and Eric, who graced us with his presence.And how could I not end this post but with a horribly unflattering picture of me at my eighteenth birthday party.


Autumn said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ Autumn.

Nicole said...

ok, that picture is not even unflattering. :)

and I kinda did the same thing with Brian haha!! :)