Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two Days

Last Sunday, after walking around at the art fair in kalispell, we were all so hot that we decided to go over to Wayfarers to go swimming/rock jumping. I'm actually having foot surgery in a few weeks so I'm trying to get all the fun summer activities I want to do done now and this was something I had really wanted to do. It was really great. It took us a while to find a good place because of how crowded the lake was, but we did eventually find the perfect rock to jump off of and after Steven made the first jump, Christian, Nick, Luke, and I soon followed. It was so much fun! You had to jump out far enough that you wouldn't splat on the rocks, but no one was hurt, so all is well.

The water was actually not that cold and because of the sweltering heat it was even better for swimming. It was also fun just sitting on the rocks in the water because they were so slippery and the "waves" would push you around. Kind of made you feel like a seal.....

Sam and BarbThe rock we are sitting on is the one we were jumping off of and just about where Kermit is, on his kayak, is how far we had to jump.


Today my family with the Takahashis, Mitch, Matt and Christian went up to Glacier National Park. We were going to do the hike to Avalanche, but when it started raining us girls whimped out about half way and the guys soon followed when it started pouring. So, at least we weren't alone in our yellowness.Nick, Anna, Me, Christian, Luke, Mitch, Matt, and Sam

After coming down from avalanche and finishing the well known, overused, Trail of the Cedars, we all went to Apgar, had ice cream and walked around the shops. I always enjoy Glacier and even though our hike was cut off short, it was still another great day.

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