Monday, July 25, 2011

There goes the groom.....

Well, my cousin Eric is officially wed! Honestly, I always knew he would end up getting married, I just never thought he would, if that makes any sense.... Despite my doubt, on July 23 in Plains, MT, Eric Underhill married Tara Mathers.

We left at 11:00 on Saturday to get down there by 2:00. It didn't take us as long as everyone said though, so we were really early. Oh well.

Hannah +Sean, Rachel, Anna, and me. Christian, Matthew (who was in the wedding), and Luke. Jay and Stacia did the sound.I felt bad for the men in the wedding party who were in black because it was sooooo hot out. We were all roasting in the pelting sun though, not just the party. At one point a cloud rolled in front of the sun and everyone gave an appreciative sigh, but just as quick as it came, it moved away. Haha, I got a really funny sandal and sweetheart tan.

Eric waiting for his bride to be.The wedding party.At the reception they had really yummy pulled pork sandwiches, fruit, and variegated salads. I was (along with everyone else) so glad to be in the shade after the ceremony and it took a good while before I was cooled down enough to even move.

Nick, Luke, Regent, and Christian at the table. The wedding was done in Western theme (no duh), and their colors were blue and brown, which is always a really lovely combo.

Eric and Tara cutting the cake.Ridge and Hannah.After the wedding we were all so fried that we stopped at the river on the way home. None of us actually went swimming, but we walked into to water up to our knees and splashed around. *nice* Overall, besides being really sweltering, it was a fantastic wedding. It went (as far as I know), really smoothly, and everyone looked great:)

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Hannah said...

Despite the heat, it was fabulous!