Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Fish

Normally by this time each year we have already been camping at least twice, but because of the late summer we've had this year, we just finally were able to this last weekend.
Tina, Christian, Matt, and Mitch arrived Thursday, my family, plus Steven, went up Friday at various times and Bill, Tammy, and Derek came Saturday. We were camping on Lake Koocanusa in Eureka. It's not really "roughing it" camping, but I do really like the Rexford Bench campground. Very nice, and really quiet (except for the stupid generator the man had next to us).The weather was really warm most of the time except for one evening when it started storming. We were out on Bill's boat fishing when it started to thunder. It wasn't until we could see the lightening right above the lake that we started to get worried and headed back to the shore. On the way back it started to sprinkle, then rain, then pour. It was really exciting, (a little scary) but mostly amazing to be on the lake with a full out storm starting. Loading the boat was interesting especially when it started hailing. The moms, plus me, vacated into the truck while dad, Bill, Matt and Steven were out getting soaked. When we finally got back to camp everything was drenched. The guys had wittingly set up a huge canopy above the chairs, but it really didn't do much to help with the rain. Overall that was quite the evening. The next day (Sunday), was so hot. We spent most the day zooming around the lake on the boat and then going across to the other side of the lake to play in the sand. Steven got the boys making a sand castle and soon had quite the fortress built. Tammy brought some water bombs and so we also had a war going on. Personally, I really love the sandy beaches on Lake Koocanusa, it always reminds me of the ocean I often long for. You forget how hard it is to walk on sand though! Later that night a few of us went out fishing and although we didn't bring in anything, I caught my first fish ever!!!!!! It was abuut an 8" WhiteFish. When I felt the line going wild I started yelling "What do I do! What do I do!". Steven came over and scooped up the fish in his net and brought it in. I'm glad it was too small to keep because honestly I would have had a hard time killing the poor thing. Steven said it was gasping for air, but to me it sounded as if it were crying and it looked really pathetic squirming around in my hand.
I'm not sure how many, if any more trips we will get this year, but I hope a few. I had a great time and I think everyone else did too. We came home on Monday. leaving early to beat the heat, and noticed that over the weekend I had, as Hannah put it, become very "pink and tan".

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Hannah said...

Glad you all had so much fun! And you said I was "round," so I think we're even. ;-)