Monday, July 11, 2011

Boldly going where no Meg had gone before...

Most of you probably didn't even know I was gone, but late last night I got back from my trip to Oregon and Washington. I went with Steven, his parents, Chet and Sheri, and sister, Lindsey who is 9, to visit with his family. We left Thursday around 3:30ish and took the 6-8 hour drive there. I think we made it in about 7. It was actually a really nice drive. At first boiling hot, but then it cooled down and then at one point even started pouring. We stayed at their grandparents house in Walla Walla Washington where I shared a room with Lindsey. The town is a Seventh Day Adventist town so it was different at times. Like for example they don't sell any meat in the stores and are closed on Saturday because that's their church day.

The next day we drove into Oregon to visit with Chet's parents. The country is really different out there. It's mostly wheat fields on rolling hills, and then some foliage here and there. There were so many little towns I don't really remember which ones we were in most the time so I'm not even going to try. *sorry* That evening we went to a park for a family get together/reunion. The park was really beautiful. Reminded me of a cross between Lawrance and Woodland. I met so much family I was a little overwhelmed, but I think I finally started to figure out who went to who. Everyone was really great and it was a privilege to be able to be there.

Saturday we went to the Caledonian Days in Athena, which is a Scottish fest. It goes for a few days in July and they have lots of games and vendors. We spent the whole day there and I met more family and friends of Steven. Sheri had her high school reunion that day too so we walked around the whole town, which didn't take too long. They had a Tattoo, in which they had bagpipers play and some people dance. It was really fun to watch and hear both the experienced and beginner players.

(sorry for the crummy pictures, they're from my phone) Each Scottish clan had their own table with their plaid. We spent alot of time in the park, and then some over at his friend Justin's house playing wii. I whupped everyone at sword fighting haha, but my arm still hurts for it..... :) Tartan ties anyone?

It was funny how many people were in kilts. I would estimate around 40-50 men alone. We didn't know if we would be coming home Sunday or Monday, but they decided to leave yesterday. So after visiting with some more family and dropping off Lindsey at her grandma's house to stay a few more days, we started the drive back. On the way we stopped at this chocolate factory which is the coolest store ever. It mostly sells chocolate, but they also have a huge selection of salsa, produce, ice cream, breads, gifts, amazing sandwiches, just about everything actually. I bought a bag of some really yummy chocolates and after trying just about every sample of fudge, split that with Steven too. Funny, I'm one of those people who if they offer free samples I take them up on it.

*Hint* people don't seem to mind letting you try a bazillion samples if you do it with a smile, laugh, and talk to them.
The rest of the trip back went by way to quick, and even though I'm glad to be home, I'm still sad the weekend is over. This was definitely a great trip that I will remember forever.


Autumn said...

Sounds like fun!

Hannah said...

Wow, looks like a lot of fun!