Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's a jungle in here

Today has been one of those typical Montana days. You all know what I'm taking about, rain, snow, sun, more rain, and then more snow. AND IT'S APRIL!!! I don't really like snow or winter that much anyway, let alone when it infringes on Spring.
This is my bedroom window. If you can see past my jungle (yes, I do I have a thing for house plants) you can tell it's snowing out side. I'm trying to be content and be happy whatever circumstances (seasons) I'm in. So here is some things I do like about colder weather.
1. The clothing. It's fun to try to layer (although I stink at it) and accessorize (not that I do that much anyhow). But It's fun to "imagine" what outfits I could put together.
2. Doing crafts. I have a much better attitude about sewing when it's sunny, but I like to crochet when it snows.
3. Baking and cooking. We made a really yummy Stroganoff for dinner. I know fat and carbs, but it's good, okay!
4. Cuddling up on heater vents. I hope this isn't to weird, I just really like the warmth.
5. Thinking up really funny practical jokes with Hannah. We always seem to be at our funniest when our minds are the iciest (my room is always freezing).
Here is a pot holder I crocheted today (and last night). The colors are kinda weird, put I only had three choices for this size of thread. I got the pattern here. I was pleased with how it turned out, and how quick it went.


Hartley Family Blog said...

Just wanted to say you did a really great job on saturday! How long have you been playing piano?
Well it was great to actually meet you!! :D

P.S. I always love reading your blog, keep it up!

His Handmaidens said...

You found lots of good reasons. I really enjoy sitting next to heater vents. Nice crochet job too.

His Handmaiden said...

I love cuddling up on heater vents!=)

Frizz said...

Flynn- Thanks, you did a great job too. I started playing piano when I was 7. We then moved to MT, I didn't start again till I was 10? Since then I've had three different teachers.

both Handmaidens- I'm glad I'm not alone in the world!