Friday, April 23, 2010

Death by Fudge

So last night I was making fudge. Harmless right? Wrong.

I was almost done pouring the fudge into the pan when I lost my grip on the handle. Boiling hot fudge poured over my fingers. I got it under cold water pretty quick, but not quick enough. On my right index and middle finger they are covered in second degree burns. They are both blistered, and pealing.

The pain was excruciating. My hand felt like it was on fire. We decided to go to the ER to get some silvadine and pain pills. I'm not normally one for doctors for external wounds, but this was a special circumstance. They bandaged my fingers up till I looked like a war victim, but the medicine really started working. It was a blessing because we were pretty much the only people there, and the nurses were really nice. We were in and out in 40 minutes! We also saw Mandy (from church).

Today the pain isn't bad and mom wrapped my fingers up again. I still look like I must have stuck my hand down the garbage disposal, but oh, well.


Jessica said...

I'm so sorry Megan! Get well soon!

His Handmaiden said...

Oh no! Hope it's gets well soon and your not in too much pain. And that you'll be out of the bandage by next week!;}

His Handmaidens said...

Ouch! I hate kitchen burns...