Monday, April 5, 2010

The Hunters

I hope everyone had a blessed Resurrection Sunday!
Because we didn't know what we were going to do on Sunday with our church we had people over for dinner Saturday night. It was really pleasant. My grandparents, brother James and wife Stacia, Underhills, and Vestals came over. Oh, and Rachel came too when we were outside. James and Mitchell, with air soft guns chased the boys (Luke, Matt, Christian) all around the house and surrounding woods. It was really funny to watch, and I think James and Mitch had a fun time stocking their prey. Later, Hannah and I took a walk to see our neighbors house they are building. We ended up walking all the way around to the road and then back down our driveway. So probably about a mile in all. We were both really cold when we got back and hoping the desert wasn't gone.
Overall it was a really wonderful evening of family, food, and fun; Celebrating that Christ is risen!

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Hannah said...

That was fantastic. And the ice cream pie was delicious!