Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Second Bike Ride.

Yesterday, Rachel and I went on another bike ride, but we didn't see another moose. I did bring my camera! so last night I made a movie. But, It isn't just a movie of our bike ride. It has visual Enhancements! for certain people who thought it was hard. I made a movie to prove that is was simple. (Plus just to show our bike ride)


joshuamm said...

That's not bad. Good work.

See how when there are pictures it makes the post about the bike ride much more interesting :D

You should put up more pictures/videos of stuff like that.

So, what programs do you use for all that?

BTW: Universal adjustments (made to the whole image/video) are not hard. It only gets more difficult when you start changing little things in each image, adding things, removing things, shooting on green screens, replacing things with other things and that sort of stuff.

(And I'm not trying to start an argument about anything. We want nice blogging only.)

Bootlace said...

Guess...... Give up? What other program would I use besides Windows Movie Maker, one of my good friends! It's so easy!

joshuamm said...

Not bad for windows movie maker.

Next try it with video, that will raise the bar. Then I might have to put up an actual video...