Monday, June 9, 2008

Green Pain

For all who don't know, we have monkey bars in our back yard. Well, I've not done them for a long time and believe me they hurt your hands! So while I was hurting myself going back and forth, I made up this poem, OK I know this is probably the worst poem you will ever read and the rhymes are very imperfect, But you'll just have to suffer.

Oh, thee green bars how they cause pain to my palms,
so I will write to thee a horrible Psalms.

To me they cause horrible pains,
to my hands they cause blistering pangs.

What terror, what gore,
for I think a muscle I just tore.

I had more but I forgot it quickly, so along with insanity I have memory loss!


Bootlace said...

Look everybody!!!!!!!!!!! this is Rachel. Hi! Um..... Nice poem that Megan wrote, huh?

Bootlace said...

Why, Thank you Rachel:)

Bootlace said...

Why, you're welcome, Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!Bionicle!!!!!! Hahahahahahahah LOL!!!! it was off of a Computer game. Sorry. lol

Bootlace said...

boot lace talks to herself. A lot.

Bootlace said...

In fact, it's rather disturbing how bootlace talks to herself. Heh.:)

Bootlace said...

Hey!!!! Thats not fair!!!! I let you onto my blog and you betrayed me!!!!!

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk... go change your password now :D