Thursday, September 8, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun.....

Remember how I had three resolutions for the year? 1. Donate blood, 2. make a lemon meringue pie, and 3. ride on a four wheeler. Well, last Sunday, not only did I do something I had not even thought possible, but I officially finished my list, as I rode on a small 4x4! To some this may be unimportant, but it was something I had never done and really wanted to try! It's been so long since my last post I'll try to do a general update first.

I'll start with my foot. As of today it had been 1 month 1 week since my surgery. It is healing well, and I should be off crutches in about a week+. Life on crutches has been not the most pleasant, but as I get to my next life update, life crutching without a 25lb backpack on, seems almost like walking. The thing that probably makes me the most upset is that the outsides of my legs are getting stronger, but the insides are becoming all soft and my one calf is so atrophied that my leg looks like it shouldn't even be on my body. I can almost wrap my hands around my calf with my thumbs overlapping, where on my left leg my thumbs to middle fingers just touch. But, enough of me complaining about what I don't like and I'll go into what I had almost started on about: college which began two weeks ago.

This semester is pretty crazy for me. I'm taking 19 credits doing math, psych, a windows class, ceramics, guitar, piano, and writing. I like all my teachers a lot and love ceramics. So even though this is going to be my hardest semester, it might be my favorite. Even math, which I'm not doing too well in, I'm actually (don't tell anyone) almost enjoying....."Shhhhh". It's hard to get around the campus on crutches, and the guitar and 20lb block of clay have been a challenge, but fortunately I have good friends and a willing boyfriend to help me out:)

The reason for this post was to share not really what I've been up to, and my excuse for not posting, but to write about last Sunday. So, wait for it,......last Sunday, I..... got to ride on an Ultralight! It was a unexpected day, a great day, but pretty crazy overall. The airway was having a show and had free rides for kids ages 7-17. Unfortunately, I fell above the age limit, but they said I should look into the adult rides. The price wasn't bad at all, so Mom and Dad treated me to a short ride on the Ultralight.

First, I'll write about my brother though. Matthew and Luke were able to take a free flight since they are 13. The plane they are standing in front of is the one they rode in with one other boy. They said it was lots of fun and Luke even got to steer the plane. They are going to start this aviator program where they volunteer at the airport and after a certain amount of time will get a free lesson, and the more they work the more time they get in the air. By the age of 17 they can have their pilots licence free of charge. Which is, in my opinion, awesome.

Here is me all dressed up in the huge jumpsuit and helmet almost ready to take off. People have asked me if I was scared, but honestly it never even crossed my mind to worry. I was like "this is going to be fun" hopped on and took off. The only thing I regret was that it wasn't longer. 12 minutes of air time just isn't enough. I was beyond thankful for what I did get though.

Here is a better picture of the Ultralight. The pilot sat in front of me and he said that had there not been so much turbulence he would have let me drive. *sigh* oh well, but it was amazing nonetheless.

This a picture Luke took from the air. Pretty fantastic huh? Later that day I was invited to go to a friend of Steven's family, home on Flathead. This was a grand finale to my already spectacular day. Because their house was a bit up a hill to the lake they let me ride the four wheeler down to the water because of my foot. So that is how I completed my evening and even was able to ride on a boat and laugh as Steven tried to water ski and as Sheri (Steven's mom) was pushed off the dock. Great day.

Now I'm back where I started and so ends this post. Hopefully I post soon again. bye!!!

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