Tuesday, August 9, 2011

two things new

These last few days have been quite eventful. I'll start with the good and the most recent. So, *da dada dum* I got my braces off today! Yeah:D After nine months of, not pure torture but not great either, I'm finally able to smile without the thought of "Hmm, I really hope that spinach ravioli I just ate didn't leave an unpleasant green spec on my front brace..." Also, maybe people will finally stop asking me if I'm "a junior or senior in high school". It just got a little old after having it asked of me sometimes more than once in a day. But, alas, no more! I'm so happy, it was definitely worth it.Now, onto the not quite so pleasant. Last Thursday I had surgery on my foot. I'm not going to go into all the details into why I needed the surgery but basically I'm really bendy all over my body, and the bones in my foot were doing wacko things. So now three screws latter, I'm home and on crutches for 6 weeks. I can't put any weight on my foot for that whole time, so that is going to be the hardest part. Fortunately though the surgery went well. I stayed the night in the hospital, which was a good thing because I actually ended up passing out and then was sick, but I had a lot of support from people, and faith in God, and even though we had a few scares, and scars, everything is going good.

I hope this last pic isn't too icky, but it better shows what it looks like under the cast on my foot. Oh, one really positive thing is that the doctor thought I could be on pain pills for up to two weeks, but I was off them by Saturday morning. Funny though, while on the pills besides sleeping a lot, I can't remember quite a bit of what actually happened. Stuff is slowly starting to come back to me, but people keep telling me things I did that I can't remember but I truly wasn't loopy and was always really lucid when people were talking to me! I go and get a new cast tomorrow, so pray everything continues to go well:)


Autumn said...

ouch ! What a brave girl you are. i'llbe praying everything goes well with your foot.

Raja-Man said...

i really did not need to see that picture megan....eeewwwww.....*faints*