Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blue Eyes

About a week ago I had some extra time *WOW* and Luke and I wanted to do a fun photo shoot. We donned him in some, I my opinion, cute apparel, and went out. Of course, Luke being almost 14, had to do mostly goofy pics, but I think we took some pretty good ones in the end. Unfortunately, the camera batteries started dying so the focus isn't perfect, but oh well, I think he is a handsome boy nonetheless:)

This one is my favorite, he looks so grown up:) This next one was from some JCrew inspiration from the boys department. Honestly, it looks nothing like what they have though, you decide if it's better or not..... The "cool dude" look with his I-touch-whatever :) And last is the......I don't actually know, hot nerd? Hahahahah, NO!


Hannah said...

The hot nerds are the ones you have to watch out for! Can't believe our brothers are actually entering "cute guy" territory!

Nicole said...

if I was almost 14 I would definitely have a crush on him!

"...like flies on honey..."