Friday, June 18, 2010

A penny for your thoughts

I recently heard this song Goodbye, Goodnight, by Jars of Clay and it really intrigued me. I know if any of you are like me, posts that have song lyrics are, well, to be honest really boring. But not to fear like always my blogger won't let me copy and paste and I'm to lazy to do it manually. So I have it on my playlist on the bottom for you to listen to.

Besides just really liking the sound of the song (I love accordions) the words interested me. I had my idea of what they might mean, but I wanted to find out more. When I googled the meaning I found some very conflicting results.

The first one I found said that it was a song about the Titanic sinking from the perspective of the band.
"Strike up the band and play a song, and try hard not to cry, and fake a smile as we all say goodbye"

I hadn't expected that at all. Rereading the lyrics, it fit, and now seemed like a really sad song. I've always admired the band on the Titanic, how they stayed.

The second one said that it was about the saved leaving the unsaved. How sad it was that they don't know the truth, and are heading for hell, and the need for Christians to preach the gospel. This one fit very well too. Being by Jars of Clay I thought this one is more likely.

But reading more I came to think that it might be both. Using the story of the Titanic as an allegory about how Christians can be. It's sad but we do tend to be that way. Going about our lives, not caring about the unsaved unless they directly influence us. We can be so busy worrying about ourselves, or problems with other believers we forget about our true mission. I believe we can be missionaries just by going through our daily lives. But are we going through are daily lives trying to be a good example for Christ? I know I fall short of that more often than not, living to live, not living for God.

What do you think?

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