Monday, June 27, 2011

I felt like a tourist!

This last week we were given the opportunity to go out boating on Flathead Lake with Bill (my dad's friends and boss from work), Tammy, and Stephen their son. It was probably the warmest day we have had this last year, and it was fantastic to be zooming around the lake. Luke, Stephen, and I sat in the front of the boat and it was really fantastic to just watch the mountains and water go by. One thing that I found interesting was how on different parts of the lake the temperature would go up and down in seconds tremendously. Like I would be really warm one minute, and then putting my jacket on the next. Dad and Mom sat on the bench seat in the back. Bill drove and Tammy sat shotgun (is it called that in a boat?). Haha, my hair was so funny. As long as I looked forward, I was good, but if I looked back, I was like Medusa head:) When I got home I had to work for quite some time to get all the tangles outWe boated all the way out to what I think was Wild Horse Island. We saw, oh, probably around 3-4 mule deer with huge racks. They even had these little forts set up on the shore. I took pictures with my phone, but I'm too lazy right now to get them off:)Luke and I.

We stayed out for over three hours and went all around the lake. We looked at the houses around Yellow Bay, ogled over the castle on it's private island owned by I think the CEO of Pepsi, and over all just had a great evening. It really felt like a mini vacation and reminded me of how much I've always wanted to live on a boat. Maybe someday...... Anyhow, I was so thankful we were able to do this and really hope we can do it again.

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Hannah said...

:-) It's great to be enjoying the sun at last! Sounds like a fantastic trip.