Sunday, May 22, 2011

I feel like any culturing I once had, is now tainted.

*warning: this post contains pictures of dirty mountain people having fun*

Yesterday my brother had a mountain man muzzle loading rendezvous in Marion. We went as a family, and I have so say I was surprised how much fun it actually was. The era was set in 1840'a and although costumes were not mandatory, would I still be me if I let a good dress up opportunity pass me by?

We got there around 9ish and Luke and Christian went straight to the black powder rifle shoot. I don't know too much about it, but I think they both did quite well. The guns are really loud, but if they had a lot of kick, the boys sure didn't let us know. That lasted a good hour and a half, and then (Luke shooting his gun)(Christian shooting his gun. They actually forgot to bring Christian's gun, so I think he was a little bummed, because he had to use one that he wasn't used to)

The next activity was knife and hawk throwing. They had 21 different stumps to throw both their knife and tomahawk at. Some were really hard; like moving targets, through trees, etc. This was more interesting to watch in my opinion than the rifle. They let me try to throw some and honestly I stunk at it. The men there said I threw like a girl and I never once got either to stick. I would show a picture but it's too embarrassing:) Here is Tina Vestal and my mom. I think they both had a lot of fun. They both love to camp and were enamored with all the primitive doohickeys. After lunch the boys had black powder pistol shooting. Again I think they both did good. They had to hit various targets like skunks, frogs, bears, poles, and coils. When the boys were finished they asked If I wanted to try. I had previously stated that If I was to take a liking to any of the three things thus far I would be most inclined to try the pistol. They laughed at me and said that it was the hardest but let me try anyways. Guess, what... I hit the target dead on, first time ever. Needless to say, I was happy . Because the boys had finished all the activities for the day we had a few hours of free time to do whatever. For the moms that meant taking a walk, for dad, a nap, the boys, I think did some archery, and I sat around the camp talking with some of the older men there.Later that night after a potluck dinner they had some contests around the campfire. The first of which was fire starting. Both the boys tried and had a respectable time of both around 40 seconds, it was their first time ever. I think the winning time was around 5-6 seconds.They also had woman's games, which was a rolling pin throwing contest, Tina and I tied for first, and a frying pan throwing contest, Mom won that, (better not get on my family's bad side). It was fun and they had prizes too. (Luke and I)

For a grand conclusion on the day, they had a story telling contest. Some of the guys had great tall tails to tell. Mom practically forced me to tell a story myself and even though it was pretty pathetic (I was not happy to be doing it) They decided I won (I think just to be nice) and I felt bad for doing such a bad job. Oh, well, I learned my lesson.

Overall, it was a really fun looooong day. They have a few every year and I think I might just go next year.

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Hannah said...

Wow, thanks for posting pictures! Excellent garb, I might add.