Saturday, February 26, 2011

yesterday was a good day

You know those little things in life, that if you made up a list of your favorite things they might not be on it? But when they do happen they make you smile because you realize just how much you love them. Yesterday I had five of those exact things happen.
First: Compliments from old people you don't know. Unless your a sad mean person that despises all things vintage, I think most everyone appreciates a completely unexpected encouraging word from a grandparently like person.
Second: Grocery shopping. Because I'm in college Mom tends to do the shopping when I'm not around. I forget how much I love just walking up and down the aisle gathering the food we need or might like to try for the next week or so. A lot of people say that they hate grocery shopping, but I find it so therapeutic and relaxing that it almost made me be like "Forget it! Never again will I go to a class because I must go shopping!". Well, not quite, but almost....
Third: This one goes hand in hand with the second one, but it still is a little different. I'm always so happy to find out that my favorite organic Wallaby Banana Vanilla yogurt is on sale. I just love it! It is thinner then other yogurts, but has so much flavor. And you have to admit Banana Vanilla is just way too fun to say. Go ahead try to say it out loud, I know you want to:)
Fourth: When you go to a store to find something specific, but your still unsure of what you want exactly, and after a few misses you finally find it. You can practically hear the hallelujah chorus and you feel like dancing for joy. Because despite all odds against your ideas of what you might have had in mind, as soon as you see it you know that that was what you were looking for after all.
Fifth: When your in a store and you hear one of your favorite songs playing. Often you tune out the background music because you either hate the song, have never even heard it before, or are just trying to ignore it in general. But on those occasions when that one song comes on that I just happen to love, my whole day becomes just a little bit brighter, and I often will find myself singing along much to the embarrassment of not only my family, but myself as well.

I seldom actually think of these things when they are happening, It's usually at the end of the day, while reminiscing the ups and downs that I think "oh, that was really funny!" or "That lady really was nice". I find that it's often the most overlooked things in life that I find the most pleasure in, the seemingly unimportant joys that float into my life and leave it's mark somewhere in between pure happiness, and that quirky surprise

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Hannah said...

The simple joys in life are usually the most savored and memorable.