Monday, January 17, 2011

Times almost up!

I knew my break would go by fast and it did. I had over a month, but I start classes again tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. I have to admit, besides the constant dread of homework, and the stressful overburdened feeling I get on the not so rare occasion, I'm looking forward to getting back to a routine. For the last few weeks, besides the occasional "activity" I'm been completely bored! I have actually had days where I hesitated getting dressed, and some days spent the whole day in sweats, yes you heard me sweats (don't worry not the baggy guy type). So in honor of boredom I thought I would share with you some of my pointless endeavors that I have done in some of my more extreme states of boredom. I've drawn one too many pointless sketches. Watched almost a whole season of Bizarre Foods "cow stomach anyone?" I spent way too much time on the computer; Playlist, Pandora, Modcloth, Anthropologie (which is were the adorable jacket its from..I think), etsy, ebay, just to name a few.
Wrote around ten poems:

The Sorrow of the Stars

Time is blowing the leaves away
to a place so far unseen.
The stars they came and stole the day
and I'll see the last no more.

Why? I entreat the grass to talk.
Why drain the color so?
The birds look down at me they mock,
and with the wind they fade away.

Why flowers bloom ye then ye die?
Why goslings must they feather?
The rustling hillside webs a lie.
The clouds they part in sorrow.

Sun is shedding tears for me,
enamored with my woe.
Infringing on the Willow tree,
I hide my voice among it's bark.

Time has blown the leaves away
to a place I once had been.
The stars did show me their dark day,
to watch with them forever more.

I've done other things like sewn a skirt, did some logic problems (In my most insane state of boredom), baked a lot (I'm suffering for it), and although I can't think of anything else I did, I might have done something somewhat worthwhile.... I hope.


Autumn said...

Sounds very interesting to me.
~ Autumn.

Hannah said...

I've got to see the skirt you sewed!

Nicole said...

I love your poem!! :) :) :)