Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Life on the Middle Fork

I really wanted to wait until I had pictures of our rafting trip to post, but till then here is our our trip in a very large nutshell (plus my orientation).

Thursday I think was our most hectic day. We did most our packing Wednesday night, but on Thursday morning we still had to pack up all our food and some other stuff for camping. We left the house around 10ish I think to head to town. I had a doctors appointment and after that my college orientation. We got to the college on time and I signed in and they took my picture for a Id (ugg, I probably look really stressed, or just tired). After that mom left and I headed down stairs. They had me go into this really large room with around 40 other people. After a short wait, they had someone introduce some people and then talked a little. They then had us divide into four groups. I was in group one. A councelor then explained somethings to us and had us introduce each other. We then went back to the tables and listened to some more talking. Then they had us go back into our groups (notice a pattern here?) They said that one by one they would have us talk to a councelor about what classes we were going to take and so on. Well, after my compass test a while ago I talked to a advisor and had already figured out what I was going to do. A lady came by and said that if we had our classes to follow her. I asked the person next to me and she said that I should go. We took a quick tour of the campus and then went to a computer lab (I think) to officially sign up for classes. I soon figured out that I wasn't supposed to have gone with them. The people were pretty helpful and told me how to do it myself. After that I called my dad to come pick me up and he said he would leave work in about 15 minutes. Since I had some time to spare I walked over and said hi to Laurel and Ridge who I knew were there. Then I just walked around the campus until my dad got there and we left for the campground at Big Creek.
Big Creek
Friday was pretty calm. The boys (minus dad) all went rafting with Mr. McLean (A man from church) so we had a very quiet afternoon. That night the Underhills and Ridge got there. Hannah, Ridge, and I
Saturday I think was the best day. Mom, Eric and Mitch (my cousins), and I, left for rafting around 9:30. Mr.McLean and his brother were going down the middle fork again and said we could come. In the raft, besides who I already stated, was Daniel and Matthew (Mr.M's boys).
The rafting trip went really quick but was SO much fun. I loved how Mr.M was a thrill seeker like myself and was always trying to hit the biggest rapids possible. Once we hit this rock/rapid that was so steep that I thought for sure we had lost Mr.M and his brother off the back. Eric was practically in my lap, the boys both got hurt by flying paddles, and plus we all got even wetter than we already were (and we were really wet). Another time we almost lost Mitchell off the side but my mom grabbed him before he went over. We took a lunch break and the boys and I went exploring. I saw a good sized snake and asked Matt to catch it. He said he didn't know how and that they just always killed them. To my great surprise I ended up catching it! I don't think I have ever caught one before. I'm not afraid of them I just normally let my brother do the dirty work. Later we got back into the raft and completed our mission. At the bridge where we got off, Daniel and Eric jumped off the bridge into the river. I really wanted to but I wasn't in the right attire to swim in. Maybe next time. Later that night we went to Apgar village for ice cream (frizzy hair and all).

Sunday was tiring. We just packed up and came home. Then unpacked at home.
Sunday morning bumming around
So that's what I've been up to lately. Messing up orientation, relaxing in a hammock, and getting wet on the Middle Fork.


Joanna Grace said...

That's cool you're going to college. Do you know what you want to do? or are you just taking classes for fun?
Hope your summer is going well,

Frizz said...

Yeah, it was funny how quickly it went to absolutely no way I was going to college, to being completely registered. My family and I decided that I needed something to do to stay productive and college then became an option. After looking into it we decided that it would be fine for me to take a few classes. I'm going in for a minor in music. So I guess sort of just for fun but also doing something. I'm mixed though; because I really want to become an EMT. So maybe next semester I'll switch.