Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hokey Poky

You no how you can have so much fun at something that you ride on a high for the next few days? Like last Christmas after the parade I had so much fun I wanted to do it again and again. Or after our Medieval costume party two years ago, I would go back and pour over the pictures trying relive that day. Well, on Saturday I had one of those moments in time that took me so far out of my comfort zone, off into the era of swing.

I thought I would do a post on the banquet, and maybe I will later. But you can see pictures at both Laurel's and Jillian's posts for now.

The following day after the banquet, There was a 40's swing dance. My mom and I carpooled with the Hawkins (Rachel, her mom, and brother). We got there a little early and I was amazed at the ballroom. It is located above Sassafrass on Main St. The room isn't too large, but it's plenty big for it's purpose. It has a really neat catwalk above it all and a room, which I'm not sure it's use. The ballroom is all wood, and must have been built a long time ago. You have to go up a stair case in the back to get there.
That's me in the middle twirling, and yes, *gasp* if you haven't completely shunned me forever I am dancing with a boy.
After an awkward beginning people really started getting into it. The girls out numbered the boys about 2 to 1, but at least most of the guys were willing to dance. Anyway the girls danced with girls often. I had a blast! It was so much fun I can't even comprehend it all. I danced in a contest and I think we unofficially came in second, although after about 15 minutes of dancing I had a "glow" as my mother put it and a few blisters. Rachel and I danced at the end together a lot and that was fun too, because we could actually get a little bit more wild then with the guys. Oh, and most the boys were so unadventurous, that the girls were asking the guys to dance, which I got used to quickly. We danced to of coarse 40's music, and did the hokey poky which was unusually fun.

Over all, it was a night to remember forever. I met some really nice people, learned some new dance steps, and drank lots of punch. Oh, and I got second place in a costume contest which I didn't want to enter.

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