Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Purple Bananas

I'm sure you all know the feeling when you see that your fresh yellow bananas have gone a little too mushy and brown for human consumption. About that time we all pull out are trusty banana bread recipe. You all know the one; never failing, always perfect, family favorite. Well, I have been so sick of ours for so long I've been experimenting. By now you should all know that my experiments in cooking are always..... interesting. I first tried the banana cookies which were a huge hit. But me no, I can't make the same trusty recipe for a fourth time now can I? So I pulled out an old Rachel Ray mag and found this recipe for caramelized banana loaf cake. It looked gross to begin with in the picture so I was a bit hesitant, but we had all the ingredients so I went ahead. You first have to like saute (fry?) the halved bananas in sugar and butter (umm). Which was an interesting process.
Tip; soak the pan when your done, sugar kinda hardens quickly I found out.
Next you lay the now gushy bananas on the bottom of a pan and dump the rest of the caramel on top. This is when I really started hearing complaints from family members.
"that looks gross, I wont eat that"
You then make a generic banana bread mix and put on top, bake, and walla it looks like every other banana bread! But then after ten minutes of excruciatingly waiting it was time to turn it over on a pan and.......Purple bananas? I have no clue how yellow bananas turn pink and purple (with a mix of yellow and brown) But they did. My brother Luke refused to try it, my mom scraped off the top, but dad and I ate it, and surprisingly we thought it was actually really good!
So the question is "would you eat it?"


Hannah said...

Yes. I'm game. (and you're generally a good cook) :-)

His Handmaidens said...

Weeellllll.....I guess I'd try it.

The Fox Foodie said...

I would try it! I never pass up a baked good!

Thanks for linking to my blog! :-)

Frizz said...

Well, if I had this many takers when I first made it, I wouldn't have had to throw the leftovers away!