Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, so boring

So, I was looking at my blog and wondering "why is my blog so boring?". Is it because I don't stick to a single subject, like clothing, crafts, or cooking? Maybe it's just because I write only about normal daily things that every one is sick of because they live with the same things? Is it because the people who mostly read my blog see me on a constant basis and are just plain bored with my ramblings? Do I always say and do the same things? Do I not post enough? Is my life boring?

Well, I been thinking about this for a few days now (don't worry I haven't been obsessing) and I still haven't come up with an answer. So here is a few steps for you all to help me.

1. Please, please, please, give advice.
2. Don't be shy in your opinions and comments. I love to read what people actually think.
3. Vote on my new pole on the side. (I'll allow multiple answers)



Ashley said...

I like your blog, myself

Natasha Atkerson said...

A few tips I've learned-
1.Don't blog too much about yourself, and if you do make it interesting!
Also, from reading your blog, put more info on you! I don't know you personally, so its kinda accwurd to read posts since I have NO idea what your talking about!
PICTURES! Pictures of you, pictures of stuff, pictures of you doing stuff! Thats what draws people! Maybe you should start a "day in my life" post? I don't know! I really shouldn't be talking! I bounce back and forth as it is! :) Oh, check out my new blog! And become a follower if you like what you see! Its basically for Montana people, or people planning on coming to Montana in Aug. Its a FREE christian concert! You can go to my blog and see whos booked....
www.downpourfestival.blogspot.com I'm trying to meet of with some people from blogger there! I think it would be fun!

Hannah said...

I think you're right in the case of seeing you so much that not much is ever really "new." But sometimes you surprise me with a curveball, and I always like seeing your crafts and pictures!!

Frizz said...

Ashley- Thanks, I'm glad you like my blog!

Natasha- Great ideas! Maybe I will do a day in my life post sometime when I have the time to document my day. I'm not big on concerts but it could be fun. I'll take a look later.

Hannah- I'm glad I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Jesse said...

Your blog needs more movie content. Other than that it's good.