Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here are the promised pictures of my Kimono I sewed. I got the fabric a long time ago, cut out and started on the Obi, but never quite got around to moving on. I finely got up the gumption and finished it and the Kimono. I just love it! It fits so nice and just feels so fun to wear. Don't ask me why I made it, I couldn't tell you. But now that I have it I'm glad. The obi was very strange to make, it actually has cardboard in it.The Kimono itself wasn't to difficult, but with all the fabric and lining it was a hassle.

I really like the sleeves you could hide all sorts of dangerous things in them!

I used the Simplicity pattern 4080 and made veiw B

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Natasha Atkerson said...

LOL! Yeah, I know what you mean about sewing things for no reason! :) I LOVE old clothes patterns! In fact, I'm gonna make a summer dress, using a "Pride and Predjudice" pattern! I'm gonna make it the same as the pattern, but shorten the length a bit to make it look a bit more modern. Gosh! How much snow do you guys have?! It hasn't snowed here in awhile, and we only about MAYbe two inches on the ground! Wierd how different the weather is from city to city!