Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking up.

Maybe it seems pointless but I was trying to think of positive things to circumstances that may seem bad. So here are 10 that I came up with.

Your homeless- You don't have to pay taxes.

Your house burns down- No more clutter.

You have lice- people won't use your hairbrush.

Your shoveling lots of snow- at least it's not sand.

Your still shoveling snow- You get a free workout.

Your car breaks down- you don't have to buy gas.

Your top shelf in your closet breaks- you find stuff you never knew you had!

Your power goes out- you find more productive things to do.

Your purse gets stolen- You have a really good excuse to buy more lip gloss.

Your brother thinks it would be funny to mess up your hair- You learn self control.


MennoGirl said...

Here's another one: people misunderstand everything you say- you get to learn creative communication skills.

Bootlace said...

We get to practice that one.

Jessica said...

In EVERYTHING give thanks...and most of the time there's REALLY something to give thanks for. :)

Muse Of Randomness said...

Computer screws up and you can barely get on the internet for a day and a half--learn to do things besides being a computer genius

Asisca G. Rewan said...

that reminds me of PollyAnna