Thursday, January 29, 2009


I made a flamenco dancer yesterday. Her name is Garbina.


MennoGirl said...

She is very cute Megan, although she looks rather cross. ;-) she looks alot like a flamenco dancer to me.

Jessica said...

She is darling! Remember would love her. :) Did you use a pattern, and if so could I possibly borrow it?

hi from missoula said...

She is adorable. I love the edge of her skirt.

flamenco's a cool word. it's got islamic and spanish roots. I like saying it: flamenco.

romance, adventure, beautiful energetic people having a good time.

Bootlace said...

Thanks, I kinda used a pattern I have this book and I used a cross between a skeleton bride's dress and an amazonian lady's hair and head and made up the rest. Flamenco is a fun word, that's kinda why I made her because I liked to say it so much.