Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I thought I would write some of the words that I have made up over the many years. They are all from original roots (mostly Latin) if you think they sound kinda long and strange.

Phabosirahomigenus- fear of angry human tribe

Phabosatos- fear of self

Lavoplaceo- to wash to please

Sistolavithantos- to put washers to death

Calcitrosistoprehendolavi- to kick, put or seize washers

Oravisuauisjocus- to speak a delightful joke

Frangohomiossispothos- to break human bones sufferingly

Sistothanatosoravian- to put to death for speaking

Doleocerno- to grieve separation

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MennoGirl said...

I like the first one. ;-D