Saturday, October 18, 2008

when the squirrel went berzerk!

Well, yesterday the Vestals came over and the moms went on a walk. When they came back they had a surprise....... an almost frozen squirrel! Mrs, Vestal and my mom saw it swimming in someones horse water tank. They brought it home and blow dried it till, well, the squirrel went berzerk! Well, I guess it got warm enough because it was leaping all over our house!What a sight to see us all running after this squirrel! We finally caught it and let it go. (Sorry the pictures are blurry, our camera's batteries were on low)


echolakestudio said...

I hope and pray never to find one of those up my bloomers.

Bootlace said...

I do agree, having one jump on my head was tragic enough!

Kitty girl (Jillian Carstensen) said...

I think its CUTE!!
Sorry. I'm a nut for animals of any sort(Well, almost any sort)