Monday, March 21, 2011

seven chocolate covered espresso beans

Right now I'm watching drips of slush leap off the gutter and then merge with all the other drips into a gushy puddle. I don't like this weather at all. It's a wraith that sucks up any positive feeling and upbeat energy and laughs as we wither in self pity, wishing for a glimpse of a better, warmer future. This morning I even tried picking up my mood by drinking a cup of caffeinated tea and chowed some chocolate covered espresso beans. I had seven in all. Three just didn't cover it, and then one more, and then I was like "whatever!" and decided to have three more. So yup, I should have been little miss sunshine, but I'm not. Although I'm not grouchy, or even depressed, just drained of this weather. If you haven't noticed by now I really don't have anything important to write about, I just felt like typing. So if you were looking for some exciting story, go read a book because from here on out all I'm doing is rambling. Umm.... now that I admitted that I don't have anything to write about my brain just had creative meltdown, maybe I should go back and delete the last paragraph.... Well, if you are reading this, I probably didn't:) I made a really yummy sweet sauce for dinner tonight and left it in the crock pot while I went to music theory with some stew meat, onions and mushrooms. I thought it tasted fantastic, but all three of the other opinions in the the house didn't really like it. Ergo, that meant finishing up my brothers plate, which now sitting here probably wasn't the best idea I've ever had (not that my good ideas come in abundance). I really should be practising my speech right now for tomorrow. But I'm not. No excuses, just not. Oh, I decided I wanted to learn how to do the Melbourne Shuffle! I was on ehow and I found this instructional series and after watching one was like *gasp* "I want to do that too!!!". So from 11:30 to a little after midnight, I was in my room trying to do the running man. Learning a new type of dance really isn't a seldom occurrence in my life. Like just a few weeks ago I was at the college's talent contest and after watching one girl I knew do this funny little dance, came home and learned it in around two days. Then I was on YouTube (wow I sound like I spend my time productively;) and I watched this other dance that is like a cross between the bunny hop and macarana. So I took a evening and learned that too! Or for another example about 9 months ago I learned the Charleston, around 10 months ago the Lindy hop (hard without a partner), oh, and I almost forgot the robot around 5 months ago. Even though I do like to learn all these dances, I seldom ever master them and I go through long stunts of doing nothing. Ugh, I wish that there was like a dance studio right next door that had an instructor that knew every form of dance imaginable and would customize styles personally for you. But there is not, so I will just have to be content with YouTube and ehow. *sigh*

Well, look'e here, I actually did a whole post on practically nothing! This post actually looks a lot like all my journal entrees, so if you ever wondered what I write about in my little green book, here is an example; pointless, disjointed, and climaxless (is that a word?).

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Hannah said...

Ridge and I agreed that it's not a wonder there are so many pubs in Ireland & England. You'd have to stay pretty stoned to be happy with that weather. Our sun will come back. At least, that's what I keep telling myself...