Saturday, December 26, 2009

I saw three days go sailing by

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!
On Christmas Eve the Vestals and Underhills came over to exchange gifts, and eat Taco salad (I know very traditional, right?) That was a great evening. (Dad, Mom, Mitch, Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Greg, Nora, plus Shelby the dog)
Christmas day my Grandparents came about noonish, the Underhills around 2:30ish, James and Stacia about 4:00ish, and very later, the Vestals at about 6:30ish. Around 3pm we had Christmas dinner, lunch? Whatever you eat at 3pm. That food was traditional though. Oh, and to top it off it was snowing! It was so fun to celebrate Christ's birth with family and friends.My lovely Grandparents Today, we went to Woodland Park to go ice skating. That was so much fun. I tried hockey for the first time. I thought I would hate it but it was a blast (even if I did stink). I really need to work on my turns. The puck (that's what you call it right?)It would come right towards me but I would keep moving too, and I couldn't turn around to get it! I was eventually put as goally which I really quite enjoyed.

Me, Hannah, Raijoice, and Raydeemie.


Natasha Atkerson said...

Lovely pictures! It looks like you had a great CHRISTmas! Hows your dads hand doing? BTW: I love the yellow plaid skirt in that picture (Hannah I believe it said..)

Nahla said...

It really was a great ChRISTmas Eve!

His Handmaidens said...

Megan, I need your permission on something with gingerbread mushroom.
Go there and check it out on the latest post.

Frizz said...

My dad's hand is doing realy well. He hasn't gotten full range of motion back and it is still painful. But overall it's healing and he's getting skin and starting to gain back a nail.

Hannah made the skirt, and I'll tell her you liked it!