Sunday, April 5, 2009

A ring by any other name.

I really could waste my life on etsy if I wanted to, so I have to be careful how long I spend drooling over other peoples creations. Well, I'm not much of a jewelry person, but on the home page where they show you stuff, they showed a cool ring there, and I thought I would look at some others and found some to be amazingly different. Here are my finds. (Oh, most of these rings are in the $100 dollar range, just a heads up)
Yes, that's a log ring, to cool to be true. That clock really works! (I'm not sure how you tell time on it though)Some guys made this by hand, kinda wild. Yes, that is real grass growing out of that ring!This is an Egyptian style ring, hand made too!


MennoGirl said...

I've the moss & cloxworx ones before, love them!!

MennoGirl said...

I mean, I've seen (not good to leave out verbs)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Megan! I know you love getting comments, so here is one!! Those rings are...interesting.

The Frizz said...

Thanks Nora, always happy to get comments!

Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure, Megan! Hopefully I'll get a blog soon!